UK leaves EU June 23rd

Discussion in 'Politics' started by boydamien, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Yay

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  2. Porky Pig Fucker promised a referendum and he pulled through. Congrats.
  3. We will vote out!

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  4. No doubt the EU will collapse, only a matter of how soon.
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  5. Illuminati 420

    This was planned

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  6. what was the point of the e.u. in the first place???????????
    I remember when it started they all made a big deal out of it yet I couldn't understand why....and I still don't
  7. Common market.

    The EU allows it's member states to do business without borders and the red tape that brings.

    EU states have the whole of the EU as a market.

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  8. yes for out the EU, no for ukip. EU is fucked but ukip policies are stupid.
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  9. Just another load of politicians scamming our cash. Bad enough paying for our lot without those fuckers over there!

    Russias gonna steam into mainland europe in a few years. If were not in EU we have no obligation to go to war. Tbh they havent really shown that much appreciation for the last two we got dragged into lol

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  10. Lol...

    Dragged? Blair was chomping at the bit to get onboard.

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  11. Why would we want appreciation from Europe for iraq war?

    You know all wars arent in the ME. I was referring to the two world wars!

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  12. Lol....

    If we were to start digging into the background of both wars it would become obvious that the butcher's apron was far from innocent. :)

    Anyway ye boys are going nowhere, wait and see. Your leaders don't want out so there will be exit. The scaremongering has kicked off already and will only be ratched up and up as the big day comes closer.

    It will be mild compared to the tales of doom spewed that caused the Scots to lose their nerve.

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  13. Another key reason was to prevent millions of young men from ever being killed in the trenches again.

    Leaving the EU would be absolute loonacy from pretty much all angles you look at it;
    • Major manufactures (whether it be automotive, pharmacology, technology) will up and leave to the continent, taking millions and millions of jobs with, a true heartbeat of the UK's industry.
    • The banking sector will decamp to Frankfurt - taking all the investment, infrastructure and perks it brings with (the banking sector is more a boon than blessing in my opinion, but that's besides the point).
    • It'll be the Tories captaining the ship - need I say more? (Especially relevant for Scots)
    • Our ever increasing paranoia/surveillance state will be ramped up to evermore extreme levels, with each Right being slowly chipped away at, without EU human rights legislation to override the British status quo. Before we know it, calling the Conservative Party "Tories" will get you branded as a terrorist by the State.
    • The whole charade has absolutely zero to do with the interests of the UK and is totally an exercise in keeping the Tory party in power.

    But then on the other hand I think to myself, what right does Britain really have in being part of the EU and rubbing shoulders with the likes Germany and the Scandinavian countries. Vastly more forward thinking, expressive, democratic and harmonious nations than what we aspire or claim to be. Britain has the second largest unelected legislative assembly in the world - the Lords. You can actually still buy yourself a seat in the Lords - depending on how much ££ you throw at a political party, and the Lords itself has 26 unelected bishops sitting in it, the only country except Iran that allows it. Which trendy bishop did you vote for?

    Most of the huge population of the EU member states are allowed to vote for their own Head of State, while in this quaint little kingdom the people (subjects) aren't allowed a say by their establishment - who still enjoy dressing up in ermine cloaks, wigs and garters. There are princes and princesses, kings, queens, and lord chamberlains of the bedchamber, Black Rods, heraldic knights, barons, butlers and Masters of the Horse. In other countries, sovereignty is vested in their people and their elected representatives, but in this damp little offshore kingdom sovereignty is held by the monarch and in the trappings of a single, hereditary family. What is that about?!

    So I think maybe Britain should leave the EU. The country belongs comfortably in the past, with Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham, Ivanhoe, and colonialism, deference and tugging forelocks. The strains, the inbuilt contradictions, the stresses, the anxieties of being a member of a progressive, modern democratic assembly of nation states in the heart of Europe are demonstrably too destructive of its national psyche. Why not copy Iceland instead? – though while Iceland imprisoned their bankers and bailed out their people, in Britain we imprison our people and bail out the banks.

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  14. Wait I just realised something, won't you need a visa to go abroad in Europe? Fuck that then.
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  15. Great country to live in. Has its faults just like everywhere, but i wouldnt live anywhere else.

    Get out of europe its a sinking ship!

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  16. Yes. And then you've got all the British people living abroad that'll need to come back to the UK to reapply for visas/citizenship. You'll have a housing market go tits up. You'll have the aforementioned job losses and major industry restructuring. You'll have less rights, especially trade rights. The pound is already starting to go flaky in comparison with the dollar and we're still around half a year off from the referendum. Border controls will be changed so all the migrants currently residing in the Calais "jungle" will be transported to Dover (not a problem imo - it is for some though) as the UK will no longer be able to host it's border in France.

    There's myriad other reasons why leaving the EU would be a disaster. If you are of an age to vote and plan on doing so, you really should research and think it through for yourself, rather than going by what those around you say or by the culture you've been brought up in. If shit does hit the fan and the UK leaves the EU it's going to be mine/yours/our generation dealing with the long term consequences.

    In what way is it a sinking ship? Surely there is strength in unity rather than a fractured continent, with all nations vying for their own rather than collaborating, or at least having a hub from which collaborative efforts may be discussed.

  17. Yea sounds good,but its far from that! Looks the freedom of movement idea they were bragging about.

    Lol there are walls & razor wire going up over borders all over europe. Its a shambles! Yea slag off british political system all you want but rather have our shower than that unelected cunts in Brussels!

    UK will be just fine im pretty confident :)

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  18. if it makes you feel any better...

    we have all that fancy stuff you mentioned about electing our own head of state and having both houses in the legislature democratically elected, and we might as well be an absolute monarchy with the way America is ran.

    we're doing worse than the UK in many respects

  19. Reminds me of here in California. People want to split it up. The north would honestly do much better. We give all of our water to the south.

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