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  1. I live in the uk, and I was wondering how many plants can I grow for personal use? Or is it fully illegal to grow any, even for personal use? what would the punishment be for 1 plant and what would the punishment be for upto 5 plants?

  2. It's class B in the UK, but I'm sure I've heard they often give warnings (for possession).

    I have a feeling they wouldn't be too chuffed and if they suspected you of supplying or dealing, you'd get in some more trouble. I have never grown, or delt with police about this, so I have no idea. It's a fine line betweeen knowing whether it's for personal use or not (they wont be able to tell just by you saying).

    Anyone else know in more depth (or even in experience) of what the police in the UK are like towards growing?
  3. First of Cannabis is a Class B controlled substance.

    That means it's illegal to posses, sell or supply, cultivate, or process.

    Generally warnings/cautions are given for possession.

    The difference between 1 plant and 5 is a lot down to whether they believe they are for personal use.

    If they are classed as personal and they could prove you were cultivating then the penalties vary massively from a caution, to serious jail time.

    If they believe that you have intent to supply (Which could include giving it to your friends for free then it can get a lot more serious.

    Police don't classify a difference between a plant and skunk or hash. In reality if you get caught with a couple of plants and you it's your first offence nothing serious is going to happen. But of course that's a risk you take
  4. thanks dude, your answer was so much more text book than mine :) And more sure. Even for personal use, is there a difference between cultivation and possession? I mean, one is having some to smoke in your pocket, the other is making it. I have a feeling it dependds where you are, what the cops are like etc.

    best solution, dont get caught i suppose.
  5. It's illegal even to grow even 1 for personal use. However, even if at worst somehow the police foud out you have a small plant growing then the chances of them bothering you is highly unlikely...unless they were extremely bored :rolleyes:. But theres no way thay could aslong as you keep it to yourself.
  6. Exactly,

    but there is little difference between having a plant and having the schmoke if you have no other cultivating equipment.

    Two friends of mine were arrested with a plant each that they were transporting back home (on a train <----dicks) because the cops couldn't prove they had cultivated it in any way they were charged with possession and cautioned.

    But yeah if you don't tell anyone about it and carbon filter your grow space, how's anyone going to know?

  7. Thanks mate. Where can I buy a Carbon Filter. Cause I tried google but can't find any :(
  8. If you have a hydro store near you, they should have some. Ebay also has quite a few as well as other online hydro stores.
  9. I was busted and they found 38 plants, 8 had a week to go 10 had just been switched and the rest 20 where clones and all I got was a caution. As long as you can prove it's for personal use you'll be just fine. However don't even say you let friends smoke it with you Ok because thats supplying. They will ask you if you've ever grown before and you should say no this is your first time. Thay will ask how much a plant produces and you say don't know this is my first time, they will also ask where you learnt about growing and you have to say from books or they can take your PC/Laptop to check to see if you've grown before. Do not ever say you give any to friends or anything like that, be careful because they will try to trip you up in interview Ok. The best way to remember a lie is to mix it with truth as your brain will tell you that your lie is the truth. ;)

  10. When you where busted was it when it was still class C or after it had been bumped back up to B?
  11. When did it change from Class C back to Class B...? It was 5 months ago I was busted. If you have no drugs conviction you will get a caution the copper told me that, however it all depends on the amount of plants, they have a general 99 plants can be cautioned but any more will result in court proceedings.

  12. 26th of jan 2009 so you where in that period, 99 plants seems pretty fuckin relaxed man but then again its rare you even get a caution round my end if your caught with a bag coz the police cba with the paper work, what strain where you growin out of interest?
  13. I had quite a few strains to be honest, I'll list them below.

    2 x Master Kush
    2 Jack Herer
    4 PineApple Express
    4 OG Kush
    4 Vanilla Kush

    The 20 clones where a mixture of the above. Like OG Kush I had something like 10 clones and then 10 Master Kush. I was gutted. :(

  14. Gutted wouldn't of been the word for me I think I'd of wept haha, did they go the full whack and drugs raid with the ram or where they civil about things?

  15. The thing is I was growing in tents but since the bust I've seen the light and decided that building a grow room was better :D So I went spent a shit load of cash and built a room thats 9ft wide by 9ft length and 8ft high with 8" fan running off a controller and 2 x 600watt HPS and 1 x 600watt MH bulb. I have some pics here I'll show you if no-one minds...?

    If not I'll send you a PM with link to the grow room.

  16. I'm fine with either man but i've seen mods on other sites get pretty arsey on getting off subject like :p thinking of settin up a small op myself so any advice would be a good too, i've read the grow bible and all the threads like but sometimes just advice goes a long way :p and when you say you grew in tents do you mean like outside in tents? or inside in one of them grow tents?
  17. Lol, No not outside in tents, yes I mean grow tents. I'll PM you a link to the gallery Ok. ;)

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