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uk laws on weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mcasprin, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. im from the uk never had any trouble with police at all 100% clean i understand that you get 1 warning from the police if caught with weed. 2nd is a fine, 3rd is court. but what is the amount you can carry without being classed as dealing.
    i only ever buy 1/8ths and as my only 18 i take trains and buses every where, but im buying half a ounce and if i was to get court what is the worst that could happen?
  2. you will only face possession charges with half an O, as long as its in one bag and you havent got baggies or scales on you. not sure on what sort of punishment the courts will give you mind
  3. As people say all the time, it's not about the amount (unless you're growing, but that also includes stuff like where you're growing). Just don't walk around with a scale, baggies and a cocky look on your face. If you're under 18 they just tell your parents the first time so you're missing out on the jail free card by a year unfortunately lol. They used to have it on the Frank site (bunch of fucking knobends) from what I remember but I just checked it now and it doesn't say. Even as an adult, for the first time though you shouldn't have any real worries.
  4. Speaking of Frank, check out this piece of shit propaganda they put up:

    Spliff pinball | FRANK

    It sucks as a game and as information.
  5. From my experience, the cops don't give a shit about weed. In my area hard drugs are more of a problem. I've had cops walk past me and just tell me to put it out and take it home.

    Its different in every area though, i was arrested in Cardiff for ONE fucking gram.

  6. I read that and then looked at your Avatar. Perfect.
  7. most coppers generally dont give a toss. if you are caught, just say its yours for personal and thats it. they'll confiscate it and tell you to piss off.

    i've known of people with over an Oz get away with "personal" use cos it was all in 1 bag.
  8. One time, me and my friends were toking up in his house. Had a lot between and had one joint left. Before we were about to spark up someone who had just left said there was a cop car waiting outside our house. We were scared shitless and as there were four of us. The plan was for two to run and me and a friend to stay.

    We smoked up the last joint and then the police literally smashed the fucking door down as my friend killed the spliff. Since the dead roach is not illegal we chucked it. The police smashed the door down and they could because they had reason to search and stuff. They came in and we were all out of our faces, completely stoned. They searched us and the house and found nothing. Needless to say, they had to buy a new door and had to say sorry to us! =D
  9. I'm pretty sure anything over an ounce is considered intention to sell. At least, that's what it is here. Make sure your half-o is in one bag and not several. If he gives it to you in several bags, put it all into one.

    That's fucked up, dude. I would've taken their badge numbers and complained a shit load to their superiors. Don't let the police fuck you around like that. They're the biggest gang in the world.
  10. [quote name='"Herb Pheonix"']

    I read that and then looked at your Avatar. Perfect.[/quote]

    Lol i don't get it?

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