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UK Hash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RobzzzTeee, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Quick and simple answers please:

    How much hash in grams would you get for £10 for the following:

    -Sticky Black


    Also anyone else recommend better hash?
  2. Any answers? haha :(
  3. Up where I am I can get black for £40 a Q, or Pollen for £30 a Q.

    A Half Q of black is 20 quid so 3.5/2 = 1.7

    So when Im skint and buy a tenner bit of black im getting 1.7gs :).
  4. 25quid gets me a quater of pollen and the sticky black depends if it the shit stuff I don't no but if it the original gold seal I pay tenner a gram
  5. great thanks for the response,

    ive never tried pollen, but got told that its the best uk hash out there or atleast better than rocky and sticky, is this true?
  6. In my experience I would stay clear of uk hash unless u can trust your dealer the majority of it is shit pollen not that good either but beter than the dreaded soap bar
  7. yeah very new to grass, and get quite nervous when asking dealer to get me some, as Im never sure what too say when buying, like if a specific strain etc..

    im very stupid when talking about uk grass strains, but have seen a few diff. strains in the states of course
  8. Just go to your dealer can u get me any g? Or any piff whatever the slang is in your area for weed most uk dealers I have met sell weed aswell or will sort u out with some one who does. What's the worst that can happen? He tells u he can't get weed only hash so u buy hash or ask it friends for a green dealer
  9. yeah true man, i think my dealer has a good rep. for quick professional business so he should sort me out in no time, thanks man :smoke:
  10. No problem mate hope you get sorted, don't get caught up with strain names eithier most dealers slap on a name just to put up the price. You will no yourself once you see the weed if it's good or not
  11. yeah good call ill remember that big time

    sorry for all the questions but (as i ALWAYS buy in tenners bits) im guessing that £10 worth of grass should get you 1.5g?
  12. 20-30 a Q of hash. If you're getting charged more, they're shit, soapbar is awful anyway...

    In answer to you're question, at least an 8th.
  13. Soapbar = £10 Q
    Pollen = £30 Q
    Sticky black = £40

  14. yes between 1.3 and 1.5 for 10er mate
  15. sweet man thats all the help I need, great help mate +rep
  16. Anyway all UK heads, have a good night, blaze up for me (T Break, actually bumped into my dealer on the way home :( it's like a tease) have a good one!
  17. Thanks for the rep:smoke: if u can post up a pic of your pick up when your sorted. Anymore questions il do my best to answer. Smoke on mate:smoke::smoke:
  18. no problem man, yeah ill get a pic up, hoping its grass but if not available ill probably get pollen as yet too be tried :smoke:
  19. yeah big up all uk stoners, weekend toking time:smoke:
  20. Pollen: 40s on the Q
    Good quality Morrocan hash: 40s on the Q
    Gold seal: 40s on the Q
    Standard squidgy: 25 - 30 on the Q
    Soap bar: 10 on the Q

    Please note that this is only the pricing for where I am and may not be the standard rates for other areas of the UK because I have never really left this general area of England Haha.

    Peace =]

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