UK Guerrila Grow, take 2!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Jaicen, Mar 13, 2004.


Can It be done in the UK?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm back again fishing for advice.
    Here's the story, last year was my first guerrilla grow in the midlands UK. All went well until mid august, my 4 TNR girls began showing their sex in the 2nd week of august (very late, will come to this), and were growing steadily. Unfortunately, they all got eaten by what I suppose was deer, dammit!
    Anyway, i've got two questions for you all this time.
    Firstly, what species are well suited to the english climate.
    This time i'd really like some autoflowering species, or something super early to be done by mid september (earlier the better, obviously). I'm not interested in clones, I prefer to plant out a whole crop and weed out the males. What do you guys suggest as a good species for my climate. It's usually quite dry until the end of august, and then gets wet quickly. Any UK growers that can help me out?

    Has anybody here actually had a successful grow in the UK? What kind of quality and yields did you achieve?
    What about animal control? What's the best way to keep your plants from being eaten?
    Thanks, for your help guys, i'm hoping to be more successful this year!

  2. yeah deer a a real bugger they'll eat anything and the only way to keep them out is put up 6ft fences which is rarely an option, did you have any problems with slugs?? or do they not really like the herb??
    I'm growin outside this year probably planting at the end of April to avoid the frosts

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