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  1. who here grows in the u.k. give details a set ups etc
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  2. 80x80x180 , 600w dimable hps currently at 400w. Got 3 autos in just over 3gal pots, 2 autos in just under 1 gal pots.

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  3. 3 autos are 6 & a half weeks other 2 smaller pots are like maybe 2 ?

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  4. that sounds a sweet set up :).
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  5. Greetings from the NW!

    1m x 1m x 2m Tent,
    400w HPS in summer,
    600w HPS in Winter,
    Cooltube (or else my temps hit steady 30C :mad: )

    Currently have a Critical Kush drying, and an Ice Widow and C99 in flower... somewhere around day 60/70 in 2L pots.
    And 2 clones of each at around veg day 20+/- going strong.
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  6. Yeah my lights on 400w instead of 600w for a couple weeks temps steadily rising in scotland

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  7. Somewhere in London...

    80 x 80 x 180 tent

    250w Digital HPS

    Currently finishing a World of seeds Strawberry blue (1-2 weeks left)

    4 Greenhouse Cheese (3 weeks left)

    60 x 60 x 160 tent

    300w 2700k cfl

    Currently Vegging 4 Greenhouse Cheese 1 week old.

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  8. Hello there . From yorkshire..
    First tent grow as normally in rooms..
    tent 1.2*1.2.*2.00
    6 * jack herer ( not all staying in tent as sum going to another home for mothers) 1* critical kush. All feminized
    4 are 1 mnth from seed others all a week and a bit behind( decided to bang em all in and bang some for mothers else where..
    600w hps ( but germinated under my t5 for a few week first)
    Coco grow and all canna nutes and aditives.
    First time coco too as only ever done 6+yrs of siol grows. Had a few yrs break but now back..
    Pleased too meet ya all xxx
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  9. Im Up in sunny cumbria,ive Got 2 grow areas 1,2metre tent with 2x 600 mars 2 with 28 flowering plants- pineapple ex,green crack,amnesia lemon,skywalker arjans haze.
    ive just built a huge shed like area with a hidden door that leads to a 25 ft x 6ft corridor got 4x1200 watt mars they havent been knocked on yet as only got seedlings and cutz in there under cfl,got dutch passion glueberry og,critical kush,blu cheeze cant wait to get it up and running
    happy growing
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  10. 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.2 tent
    1000w hsp dual spec
    With 8 girls inside
    4 kosher kush (reserve privada)
    4 tangie (reserve privada)
  11. Couple of pics of the different growrooms ive got going also got a small veg area not in the pics with northern lights and twilight strains to go outdoots in may,north west uk. 20170302_212221.jpg IMG-20170321-WA0003.jpeg IMG-20170321-WA0000.jpg IMG_0014.JPG IMG_0013.JPG IMG_0012.JPG
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  12. What series mars you kicking...l

    Was thinking of getting mars reflector series lights.
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  13. There old photos i finished them plants ages ago now lol.
    Ive got rid of the mars in that area and bought 2x advanced 600 and 4x 400 in a 3ft by 30 foot got all new beans grandaddy purps.sour d.and green crack ill have to upload some new pics.
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  14. Granddaddy purple is one of them A** strains. That haven’t been manipulated by others. Top gear mate.

    Oh man that must be sucking electric like mofos...
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  15. Yea elecy bill was insane thats why i changed to 400s and 600s it was my uncle buying 1200 watts im trying to teach him to grow but when i go he'll have came up with some insane ideas as usual it costs me a load of dollar.glad we've dropped the 12s though the atmosphere in there seems a lot fresher.
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