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UK growers Unite

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by automan142, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Same here bro.
    Actually I run between 30 and 31 with certain plants but for the most part I like to be low 20s that said I don't mind if I get the odd got day let's be honest they do in the wild

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  2. And the new order is in.

    For the mother I've got some Confidential cheese/LA cheese. As most of you know love cheese and heard good things about this one. Also got me some auto blue cheese to go with the auto ultimate so should be getting stinky at some point. New rhino pro can ordered aswell. They will he vegging under the mars reflector 192 and moved over to the flower tent under another mars reflector and 660w hps as before.

    Clones will be going hydro while the mother and autos will be coco.
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  3. Im struggling with smell atm...
    All in coco.
    15 sour diesel (some suspected as strawberry haze as they where in the same place) and 5 ghost train haze...

    I've got unlimited amounts of air removal and inlet but it's soaking thru the sides of the tent into the room it's in and I'm only 14 days in flower... lol

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  4. #69024 Sacha_dune, Sep 13, 2017
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    Don't ever grow cherry bomb if smells an issue...she's a stinky girl lol.....not sure how you resolve the issue if you say it's say it's caused through leaks in the tent...duct tape haha
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  5. Try taking your intake fan out, let negative pressure do its thangggggg if leaks are a problem.

    Failing that, duct tap.
  6. dont have active intakes you want negitive pressure o e smell dont leak and 2 gives a cooling effect when something is depressurised it cools down.

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  7. Yeah someone already said that... gg4 is next and that fucking stinks as well but sours is a pretty strong smell anyway I blaze 24 7 so I'm not bothered about it in the house but outside is an issue... I have tried a few things it could be the seems but I can't see any light thru them so there is only tiny holes if there is any at all.
    I've got 8 inch and a 6 inch out and a 4inch in.
    Negative pressure is lifting the floor and sucking in the ceiling haha so there is enough of that I'm sure.
    I also have large 8 inch passive intakes that go thru a series of ducts and manifolds so the smell can't get back out. The smell is only there when lights on tho not after dark.
    Don't really know what to duct tape tho bro.

    I'm way ahead of ya bro. Lol it's in the post above but I'm about 3 x out then in the bag pressure sucks floor and ceiling in so it's the actual tent not holding it inside. I don't expect 100% to stay in but when I open the door to the room it smells like the fuckers not even in a tent. Lol
  8. Sounds like you haven't got negative pressure in your tent and it's just diffusing out rather than all being pulled through your CF

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  9. Maybe less in more? I'd do what rizl said. No harm in testing it and seeing if it makes a difference...would think all air would then only be pulled out through the filter?
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  10. Check your ducting and connections for leaks skunk how old is the carbon filter? I run a forced intake without smell or positive pressure issues and i have a 6" out and either a 4" or 5" in. Il probs turn it off now summer has gone though.

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  11. If ya read the whole thread mate I have got masses and masses of neg pressure...
    I am almost sucking the Mylar off the walls lol.
    I've done it before mate when it smelled less then it does absolutely no difference at all. Because I'm already removing 1500m3 per hour from the tent which is 77 sq ft. I am also removing almost half that thru the cool tubes as well that is open on both ends comes thru the house out the roof thru a vent.

    All joints are sealed with duct tape then flip tape then a clamp on the ducting. Looks messy but there ain't no smell coming out there.
    If I stand in the loft and remove the exhaust duct from the vent and put my head in the pipe I cannot smell the ladies at all so it's an over abundance inside the tent from what I can tell.

    Obviously the lights go on in morning and I get up at the same time or there abouts so my nose is fresh and it fucking stinks lol.

    Here is the 2 sides of the tent for reference. It is brand new and the most well made one I could find...

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  12. [​IMG]

    You can see how far in the walls are there...
  13. I keep up with this thread, smell shouldn't be leaking if you have negative pressure and you are exhausting through a carbon filter honestly unless you have leaks in your ducting after your carbon filter

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  14. what D is your tent mine 1680D you couldnt smell a skunk(animal not strain) through it
    didnt smell my GG4 though it tho open it and bang face full of gorilla glue

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  15. For whatever reason it won't flip the image but when I put a piece of wood along the side I've got a 6inch gap minimum where the walls are sucked in...[​IMG][​IMG]
  16. i have 3x my tent exaust per min.

    could you be passing too much through the carbon filter are they matched to the fans your putting them on and are you pulling air throught the CF or pushing it in to the carbon filter?

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  17. No chance your carbon filter is past it's working date?

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  18. your tents 3x2x2 right if you moved same air as i did in mine (my tents smaller lol) youd be moving 2160m3 m3/hr lol

    fuck i want ya tent id love that sort of room lol
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  19. #69039 skunkluvvrr, Sep 13, 2017
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    The carbon filter isn't the issue mate it exhausts out the roof and everything coming out the exhaust is 100% clean. I've checked and the whole loft where it gets vented thru doesn't smell one bit nor does anything coming out the cool tubes exhaust...

    The carbon is inside the tent, there is 1m of duct to the top vent then 5m of duct from there to the The 8 inch vortex that is 1m from the end of the run.
    The vortex pulls the air from the room thru the filter and up the duct.

    It is all brand new combi ducting as I couldn't get rhino sono in 8inch locally... but there definitely no piercings or holes in the duct and there are no loose openings anywhere. I've tested and searched along the duct I can't find any leaks at all.

    The exhaust is smell free mate. And I've got 2 carbons I switched it to the fresh one to see if that was the issue but it wasn't.

    That's 3m x 2m x 2.4m so 10ft x 6.5ft x 8feet roughly.

    Yeah that's kind of my point hahaha I've got ooodles and ooodles of exhaust. I mean there are a few mild bends but nothing sever enough to loose too much flow. And with the additional fans I didn't think it would be an issue.
    I've defo got more then 2160 m3 per hr. I thought I'd be ok at half that. Lol there is a lot of plants in there don't get me wrong.

    The space is great but I'm gonna move the tent to a larger room so it's got more air around it not that I need to I just like the idea of more space round the outside to cool.
    I have one side up against a wall.
    I'd have a lot more in there but I wanted to get the set up right first.

    Thinking of switching to ra led or 1000w hps for the next round.

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  20. Yeah that's my thinking so I can't tell what's wrong there defo ain't no holes I replaced it all for brand new to be sure don't really know what else to do.

    That's how I figured it would be based on my set up but apparently not lol. It's in a bedroom with an open window if I close the window the temp fluctuates a LOT more and I like it to be stable really...

    How do I find out what D it is pal? It's a gorilla 3m x 2m x 2.4ish. I didn't buy it online I fetched it from a shop.

    That's what I want to put in next man I want 4 different gg4 strains. Well 3 crosses and a straight gg4.

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