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  1. first grow this year complete newbie, done lots of reading on these sorts of websites thought it would help me out doing one of these for feedback so here grows

    Strain:Early Durban (Cannabis seeds ), Master kush, ruderalis indica(Sensi seeds) All regular seeds

    Early durban
    germed feb 10th
    planted feb 16th

    Mater kush & Ruderalis indica
    germed april 5th
    planted april 10th

    Started off inside in propagator and fish tank with 40w cfl in lid, had to improvise. some stretching at fist with the durbans because grown in window in a propagator master and indica under 4 40w clfs with reflector (reptile light)

    I have been kindly allowed to use the greenhouse which i was very happy about, finally i ended up with 4x early durban 1x master kush 4x ruderalis indica (germ rate was much better but i decided to get rid of many of the seedlings due to lack of space)

    All in greenhouse with plenty of space, soil mix canna coco professional plus cut with perlite blood fish and bone meal potting compost and well rotten horse manure from the middle of a mountain of rotting manure.

    Watering every 3 days with tap water and 40ml off canna nutrients A and rhizotonic, 80ml together with 10l of water

    Any advice, tips or idea would be greatly appreciated
    interested to know if anyone more experienced could give me and estimate on yield and quality of budif ive missed any info let me know and i can get it all on

    Photos to come once i've figured out how to do it.

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