Uk Forces Eu To Lift Embargo On Syria Rebel Arms

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Malvolio, May 28, 2013.

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    So they've lifted the Arms embargo and, as of August, the UK and France will be shipping weapons to Syrian rebels.
    Looks like we'll be arming some terrorists/militants with taxpayers money.
  2. Meh, they'll make even more money when they have to go out there and "Quell the rebellion" 
    I swear they got this shit down to a science. 
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    Not that I support arming the terrorists (my tax dollars are going to it as well, YAY) , but I do hope this leads to the UK leaving the EU.
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    Well, we're slowly becoming the black sheep of Europe and this could be a big step forward. I don't think we'll leave the EU yet because out PM is too scared. We're holding a referendum in 2017 to vote on it, although I'm not sure how that will go (I'm not sure why it takes 4 years for them to organise the referendum, although one can only assume that they don't intend to let it go ahead).
    Indeed... We can't go over there in 10 years and murder shit loads of people if we don't give them weapons first.
  5. The games that states play are so childish. It constantly amazes me that so many people take government seriously or think that it's actions are made with their interests in mind. State propaganda is so simplistic and transparent, yet convinces the masses somehow.
  6. The UK is a failed empire trying to hang onto its status among the powerful nations. The UK will never leave the EU. It cannot afford to. The financial implications would be devastating for its economy. Cameron (UK PM) has no interest in pulling out of Europe but because of the nationalistic chest beating that his party (Tories) have been at for years he has no choice but to throw them a referendum in 2017 to quell their posturing.
    Arming the Al Qaeda rebels is nothing but the UK bending over for the big dog (US) yet again. It must be embarrassing for the English to have to go to such lengths to please their masters.
  7. David Cameron & Hollande giving weapons to the same likes of the Woolwich terrorists, and John McCain spending his Memorial day with Al-Qaeda rebels.
    The irony is too much.
  8. As much as I dislike both Assad and the rebels, I think its fair game, considering Iran is arming the opposition (Hezbollah & Assad).
  9. It's dissapointing that some people on this forums consider the Syrian Rebels to all be Al-Qaeda, when in reality they are just a small splinter of the rebels. The majority of the rebels are Muslim, but most are moderate and as the situation stands the most benevolent to the population of Syria. They use the foreign aid they recieve to help the population by giving them food, water, clothes etc. as well as fighting Assad. The secularists are fractured and individuals are using the money to bolster their position in Syria so they can assume control once Assad is ousted. They routinely steal from people and harass the local population. The only thing keeping the rebels together is their mutual dislike of Assad.
    The problem with governments sending aid and weapons to rebels is that they don't have much control over where or who it goes to, but the vast majority of aid does not reach the people of Syria, falling into the laps of each faction who want to rule over Syria when Assad is gone. The UK and France sending more guns into this quagmire is unfortuate, and I fear that once Assad is gone Syria will end up like Somalia; that is to say, a never-ending cycle of civil war.

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