UK: Doctors Call For Drug Legalisation

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    Pubdate: Wed, 02 Jul 2003
    Source: Evening Standard (London, UK)
    Copyright: 2003 Associated Newspapers Ltd.
    Author: Isabel Oakeshott, Evening Standard
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    Doctors will today make an extraordinary call for the legalisation of all drugs.

    The move comes as a devastating new report sparked fears of an epidemic of schizophrenia caused by the widespread used of cannabis by young people.

    Scientists claim that cannabis users are seven times more likely to develop mental illness.

    The study - by Professor Robin Murray, head of the Institute of Psychiatry in London - says the drug is already a leading cause of psychosis in the UK.

    Yet at the British Medical Association's annual conference today, dozens of doctors will back radical moves to make illegal drugs including heroin and cocaine available from authorised government outlets.

    The suggestion has appalled many members of the medical community - who believe such relaxation of the law would be catastrophic.

    Many medics believe changes should be limited to the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal uses, in particular for pain relief for multiple sclerosis sufferers.

    But others want the government to go far further.

    They say so-called recreational drugs, such as ecstacy and cocaine should be quality controlled, taxable and made available in purified form from licensed outlets.

    Dr Connie Fozzard, who leads support for a motion urging relaxation of the law, said: "I have no doubt that it would be wise to decriminalise drugs. At the moment, some of the problems are due to the fact that they are not getting the drug in pure form.

    "This would not happen if they were available from licensed premises. We are an adult society, and should treat people as adults."

    She is expected to be backed by dozens of colleagues, including Dr Keith Brent, of the Junior Doctors' Committee, who said: "Prohibition of drugs simply doesn't work.

    "Something different needs to be done, and that is to legalise everything. If the authorities provided drugs, that would be a way of monitoring it."

    The motion to make decriminalisation of all drugs official BMA policy is certain to be voted down today, though the support for it reveals a high level of frustration with government drugs policy.

    Psychiatrist Dr Robin Arnold, who frequently works with drug addicts, claimed the widespread black-market availability of methadone - a heroin substitute supposedly available only on prescription - showed legalisation is unworkable.

    He said: "The streets are awash with it. Anyone who wants to legalise all drugs is living in cloud cuckoo land. How would it work?"

    The cannabis study by Professor Murray, one of the world's leading authorities on mental illness, points to official figures showing a third of all 15-year-olds have tried the drug.

    And Professor Murray warned: "The more cannabis that's consumed, the more psychiatrists we are going to need."

    He told the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Edinburgh that 80 per cent of the patients he assessed with their first episode of psychosis had been taking cannabis.

  2. oh 7 times more likely is it now eh.
    last i checked up on this crap it was 4.
    but just for the record, i'm not denying that it increase the chances, infact i concur.

    as much as i am for the legalisation and regulation of drugs (as opposed to the criminalising controlless situation we have) i just distrust the governments ability or will to carry this out properly. surely they would just want to use it as an excersize in showing us all how terrible an idea it was... simply by doing it badly. we've seen how well the controls on tobacco go. "controls?" you ask.... exactly! although the ,.,. of the government may be good and propper, there are those out there who simply want to make profit. how long would it be before we start seeing traces of smack showing up in our packets of marlboro fatties or our lambert and butler cones? ... not long without regulation i think.

    so really ... is it the governments i dont trust, or the corporations........................

    either from incompetance & lack of integrity or from greed & lack of morality/integrity.

    and one last point on psychoactive substances.
    it is not simply the drug that causes this. the certain neuropathways and trouble spots in their mind must be there in the first place. perhaps its better that they be allowed to use these substances to find if they are susceptable to such conditions like skitzophrenia.
  3. A person reading all these : good-bad ,bad-good ,good-bad ,bad-good ,posts will only be more confused as to what the truth about marijuana use is.

    That is just as the decriminalization opponents want.

    Feed the confusion.

    And the logic just isn't there.

    Marijuana causes Schitzo's so lets make it legal ?



    Seems a few activists are loosing their sense of direction around here.

    Or maybe they are following an all to familliar one.

    That's a personal opinion ,based on personal observations ,nothing more.

    As the 8th or 11th of the original members (I forget...probably the dope right:rolleyes: ) who joined Coffeeshop Amsterdam ,and then having taken the time to help recruit new members .......

    perhaps I was wrong.

    Discussion Groups are quite ineffective at doing much more than talk .

    My error was in expecting more.

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