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UK DANK super macro

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by spitfire, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. This was goooood

  2. Holy shit, nice pic man.
  3. Fucking awesome is all i can say!
  4. Thanks, it was a fucking amazing smoke. Extreme couch/bed lock hah
  5. :O Whereabouts in England you get this from?
  6. Damn, very nice
  7. It's from northamptonshire
  8. i'm in london and i can't get anything near this, just a few high mids...nice bud man
  9. indeed a super macro
  10. wow!!! what bud is that? looks mighty tasty, i wouldnt mind finding a seed or to of that strain to see what i could do with it.
  11. Unable to extract some or all of the Exif data...

    Are these really your pics?
  12. They are. I dunno if it might be because they're being hosted on deviantart that's giving you exif problems? It was shot with a canon 400D and canon 100mm macro lens
  13. Please forgive the skeptic in me.
    Either way they are gorgeous...
  14. wow that is absolutly astonishing. i didn't know that the orange hairs contained that many trichroms..
  15. wow, nice. what strain is it?
  16. No idea man, just got it on my last pick up. Hopefully my guy will still have some more next time i need some
  17. wanna send me some of that in the post lol
  18. be sure to let me know when you do. doubt i'm too far from you, i'm in milton keynes :wave:
  19. I duno what to say.. thats just obscene.. hows it taste?

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