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UK Cannabis death count rise to 19.

Discussion in 'Marijuana News from The USA' started by Neek, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. I don't give a fuck, because at the end of the day tobacco DIRECTLY leads to 400,000+ deaths a year...so even if weed 'supposedly', indirectly causes even 10 deaths a year...fuck it man.

    PS: I'm not angry at you OP, just at society :).
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    The only possible way of EVER dying from weed is trying to eat it when you get pulled over by the cops and in such a haste you choke to death on it. And if cops wouldn't hassle then we wouldn't have to worry about eating "evidence"
  3. Lets hypothetically say that this is true, 19 people isnt shit. Look at how many people die from tobacco or alcohol. Infact, this almost makes weed look good, as the total death toll is 19 people, ever.
  4. first off these deaths could be tied to someone use of some type of pesticide,if a chemical was introduced to the plants and had a chemical compound found to kill not just pest well then some one should be looking for the source,perhaps the dealer.Just a thought.:smoke:
  5. UK is using a lot of scientific and sophisticated looking bullshit to back up their stupid claims fuck those yellow teeth gum bleeding bitches.
  6. I have an uncle who has been smoking for 40 damn years how in the hell are u gonna die from marijuana? Fuck dat bullshit!!! and that man is 60 years old some people are dumbasses.
  7. Don't tell them that then they'll point the finger at the fact all dealers are obviously trying to kill their friends and make the plant grow faster because he's desperate for money. :rolleyes:

  8. ahahahaha yessir. i couldn't agree there more.
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    Ok look it was only hypothetical,obviously no one would intentionally kill there clients,that would be one sick person or person's and a dumb way to run a business.You clearly misunderstood my post and if whomever you think "them" is would be below average in there thought process for thinking that was my meaning,no offence to you.Pesticides don't cause your plants to grow faster either,only protects from pest,unless there mixed with a fert.
    look my response to you post was not to belittle you,but rather to clarify my meaning. :cool:
  10. Accoarding to the Logic in this thread, jimi hendrix didnt die of drug related causes, but died from lethal vomit :rolleyes:

    Things people have died from while bent:

    Driving their car up the back of a parked truck or similar (my mate in highschool)
    Asthma attacks
    Aneurism from coughing fits.

    all of these deaths were the fault of cars, lungs and veins right, nothing todo with pot at all.
  11. People HAVE died of use of cannabis. There is a nervous system syndrome which reacts fatally to use of cannabis. Several people have died from that and other underlying conditions, but never from overdose.

  12. Do you have a source for your claims?
    PS I'm not trying to sound like a dick, I'm actually interested.
  13. fuck theyre gay over in england, every newspaper youse have got are the tabloids. and over there they say the deadly super skunk is gonna make you so baked youll die, meanwhile the real problem like drug lords dipping their hooch in glass to make it weigh more goes unresolved when all it would take to solve all these problems is to legalise it, then there would be controlled supply of marijuana so it would be made sure not to be dangerous. if theyre really worried about hooch being too strong why dont they control it

    you must need to smoke weed already to understand logic. why is it so easy for all of us to understand but no one else gets it?
  14. I don't believe that even this method can kill you. I've never heard of someone dying from this; that is, someone going in to cardiac arrest from smoking cannabis.

    Also, as for that 18 year old kid, he had had a heart attack before and he had used cocaine and methamphetamine, yet they blamed cannabis for the death.
  15. Really I don't give a rats ass what the news says,I grew up in the 60's 70's and 80's Cannabis never killed anyone to my knowledge.who knows what truly happened to the people that died,just because Cannabis hang-out inn your system for approximately 30 days doesn't mean its the killer,I say fuck-em.I still to this day have not seen or heard of an actual death that could be attributed to Cannabis,its all political Bullshit in my opinion.:cool:
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    IFyu have certain underlying heart condition then your heart rate CAN become so high that you have a heart attack and potentially die. Again, this wont happen to just anybody, you must have certain conditions where you must restrict your heart rate from going too fast. and since anybody who smokes knows that your heart rate CAN increase after using cannabis, its not shocking to have your heart going 120bpm

  17. Very well said. I hate UK bullcrap.
  18. As much as i understand negative attitudes towards the british oligarchy, its institutions and parts of its press but to call all of the papers tabloid ignores the strong and old left values espoused by the guardian and indipendent aswell as smaller socialist and ethnic papers. While sometimes obtuse in presenting these views the truth is that a large minority of people in britain (probably a majority in cities) are supportive of drug liberalisation and pragmatacism, its unsuprising, theres shit loads of weed most places and alot of people smoke it.

    Trying not to rant, just consider myself a patriot, if not one of the self proclaimed patriots you see being thugish outside football games all over spanish resorts.

    Back on topic, nobody has died from overdosing on weed, but heavy usage over long periods of time CAN mess with your heart, and it does increase blood pressure. This is mostly from smoking it though, especially in conjunction with tobacco, as drugs go ('medicine' included) its damn safe.

    Its also obnoxious to ignore the intoxicated state of a person involved in accidents or other unfortunate incidents, while not always the root cause or the most prominent one, being high exacibates everything and can be the tipping point that causes someone to momentarily fail (road accidents, people falling prey to gravity etc.).

    Not to mention the fact that pumping too much THC into an already unsettled mind can be a recipie for disaster for the person and others.

    All this being said, its one of the safest substances around (including food) but we should not let our enthusiasm for the herb blur our understanding of what is actual.

    Peace y'all
  19. Hahah we got more people dying here of drink too much water then smoking cannibas in canada
  20. I think like ANY drug, it needs to be researched and fully understood before exploring the world of that certain"drug"/substance. Im not saying i was a cannabis expert when i took my first toke, but i quickly became interested in the scientifical aspects and all the interestings things there are about this plant, including medical benefits and everything else i had thought prior to trying it. Now, with that said, in a way its like a drug, because you SHOUDLNT take it if you have certain conditions, it could make it worse, and in EXTREMLY EXTREMLY rare cases it can kill you, just like the really fast list of side effects you hear on a rx televison ad.

    In most cases, cannabis will only make everything better, and at the right extractions, can even be a CURE for most diseases and ailments. But there are still things everyone should know before just running out and finding a bag, because like almost everything in this world, it may not be for everyone.

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