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  1. Hello everyone,
    Before I start let me apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong forum, maybe an admin can change that.
    My question is that I live in London, UK and I want to buy some bongs from, but what worries me is that I don't know where the bongs will be shipping from, will they be shipping from the UK or the US? if you're from the UK, have you ever bought something from here?

  2. Hi, fellow UK blazer here 😄

    I believe most items will be shipped from US, as most of them are manufactured there. A few pieces might come from Germany. But that's just a guess.

    Best bet is to look at the item descriptions to see if it's mentioned.

    What are you looking at buying?

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  3. Also worth mentioning that ships from the UK. Although the high end glass selection isn't as good.

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    Thanks Sssnakepit420, does have some good stuff and I already bought a bong from them 3 weeks ago but I broke the perc, Grasscity has a really good collection and I want to buy a couple of bongs from here, but the reason that I want to know where they ship from is just to avoid the hassle of returning things in case I receive something broken.
    BTW do you know any good head shop in London I can go to? I need some high quality glass not the Camden Town kind of quality.

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