Uhm...what did I just do?

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    How many of you guys "get this"? do you have this often?
    -->>Spend like an hour doing what ever you're doing and you barley remember what it was you did.
    Or how about being real gone, in a car, and not noticing but ending up from point a to point be even though you were paying attention to where you were going..
    Is it more of an indica thing?
  2. I do that point A to point B thing all the time sober. Like when Im going somewhere I've been to plenty of times, I can drive there without even thinking about it.
  3. yea idk, i get that while walking/driving while high, usually indica or sativa.
  4. When im high i seem to want to do things that i would not sobber, like when im cooking i'd be so into it and when the food's done i would go use the bathroom come back out see a plate of food on the table and ask my mom "who's food is that" she looks at me funny and says "you just spent 30 minutes making that". So i just say Oh.... i grab it and start eating it =/
    And yeah Weed sometimes makes trips seem shorty, but others argue it makes them seem longer.
  5. yeah, past 4 years of my life lol
  6. yeah for sure its an indica thing bro, we're on the same wave here :D

    i often think my subconscious takes over while driving and doing other things (btw i have no tickets/points ;))
  7. It's like that for everything for me, college, driving, video games, ect. It's called ADD :)
  8. Oh shit! I hope that red light was green!....Wait where am I? Dam
    I forget...Wait...Im lost!!!!!!......OH OK... I know where Im at now :laughing:

    Yeah, driving stoned can be a trip!

  9. :laughing:... no, it's definitely not ADD. Maybe short-term memory loss from the herb?

    Ehh what does it matter, you enjoy yourself regardless! :cool:
  10. I had a short black out session were I crossed an intersection and came back to reality and I actually said " how did I cross the intersection" haha
  11. Wha? What am i doing on grasscity?
  12. I do that all the time, but im high all the time also so idk...

    but my worst is leaving the apartment, walk down 4 flights of stairs then get in my car and cant remember if i locked the door or not so i get out and walk up to check and guess what its always locked.... LOL

    What i do to remember is, ill say out loud 1 2 3 as i walk down the stairs until i get to my car to make sure i remember its locked and even then sometimes its sketchy for me.

    Do i smoke too much or something?

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