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uhhm i just got a weird offer, thoughts?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by speechless, May 27, 2010.

  1. shady business
  2. shit id say go for it but have a nice ol 44 magnum and if he tries shit whip out and steal his money and throw in a good pistol whip:devious:
  3. Haha, are you serious? What a creep. A random guy contacts you on facebook, asking you to pose in a dominatrix costume for his cellphone pictures that he'll post on the internet. Soo sketchy. :hide:
  4. Sounds like the guy's been watching too much backroom casting couch.:laughing:
  5. I forget who, maybe John Gardner? but he set up some fake modeling website to get girls to send pictures and then ultimately go out on a photo shoot. You dont want to be one of the girls on the news.

    Bring a big buff black dude if you go.

    and search the company name, address, past clients etc.
  6. Oh man! This is almost as good as my back alley gynecology office. Every female is welcome ;):rolleyes:
  7. This thread needs some pics so we can give an educated assesment of the situation. We need pics of you OP and the clothing, preferably you in said clothing ;) haha I kid, but we do need some pictures!!
  8. What a creepa...
  9. too many perverts in this thread

  10. your avatar
  11. Yeah good choice on saying no. That email is so unprofessional I wouldn't have even considered it =p And I'm a guy so I'd be a bit creaped out.
  12. post pics he sent you?

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