uhhm i just got a weird offer, thoughts?

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  1. i have nooo clue what to think. it halfway sounds like it could be legit, but even if it was i dunno. this is the email i received in regards to my fb, what do you think i should do? do you think it just sounds like some horny guy wanting to take advantage of an opportunity? bahh idk. anyway, here's the e-mail


    I am looking for a woman to be a Dominatrix Fetish model star for a website I am making!
    There is no nudity! It's a great way for women to make money on the internet with no nudity!
    I make the website and I have the clothing, you just have to model!
    Also, you just have to do a 3 hour photo shoot one day/week.
    You would also be the star of the website. I will give you 50% of the website profit.
    This is like you having your own website and making money from it!
    It is a great opportunity for you to make extra money!
    See the photo below to see the type of clothing you will be wearing!
    let me know what you think.
  2. I'd be wary.
  3. Research the guy if possible. There are a lot of profitable non-nude sites out there, so there is at least the possibility of this being legit.

    One thing's for sure though. If you decide to go, DO NOT GO ALONE.
  4. haha!
    I am speechless
  5. I'll need pics to fully be able to assess this situation
  6. of what he sent or of me lol?
  7. update, sort of. i emailed him back and told him i would need to see other work of his before even considering doing it. hasn't emailed back yet though.
  8. What are you going to do with the money? Use it as an advance fee to collect an inheritance from your distance relative who happened to be a rich Nigerian prince?

    Protip: Never take something with that many exclamation marks seriously.

  9. :laughing: wow
  10. 50% of the websites profits....

    yea its fake dont do it
  11. That's perfect.

    "Come to my house and let me tie you up with no one else around"

    Caution :(

  12. Is this supposed to be some sort of joke? You think this is funny? Well let me just tell you about the tragic story of George Brumley and his entire family dying in a plane crash, leaving 10 million American dollars unclaimed. Sad as this is, I have recently been informed that I am his next of kin, and that the money belongs to me and is waiting in the Bank of Africa for me to claim it. I shall soon receive this money as soon as I give Doctor Mister Professor Salif Ali all of my most personal information :D
    Hahahahaha your post made me laugh^^

    Oh and to OP I think that sounds soooo sketchy. Like it's one thing if it's a modeling gig, but this is just so beyond that haha. I was once approached on the beach by a "photographer" and was told I was very handsome and had the SoCal skater look he needed to model his clothes as a sort of test before getting a real model to do it, and he would pay me for it. So of course I'm thinking sweet I'm at Venice beach, I'll score an eighth before I leave, and accept it without a thought. I gave him my contact information since he told me he'd show me the final photos, but I never heard from him again :confused:
    The fact that I just consented to being photographed and used for whatever he planned on using the pictures for, and me not knowing what ever happened to them really freaks me out. I may just be paranoid, but that paranoia has definitely made me think very carefully before acting since the fact of the matter is ANYTHING is possible.
    And honestly, even if this gig 100% legit, it's still kinda sorta weird :p
    But I won't judge you if you do go for it OP. In fact if it ends up a huge success I will congratulate you on that fat 50% cut of yours :hello:
    Just be careful!
  13. yeahhhh i decided not to do it. he sent me pictures of his prior "work" and it was girls bent over and such in latex but it was CLEARLY cellphone pictures.
  14. good call.

    anything that seems too good to be true.. is usually too good to be true.
  15. Rofl. Same thing happened to me.
  16. What!? I thought I was the only one!

    I went for the nudity option though.
  17. 50% is what put the red flag up for me. There's no chance anyone could afford to do that. There's expenses that have to be put into the equation, which means you'd be making a lot more than him or anyone else.

  18. THIS^^^
    End of story.
  19. you just escaped murder...

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