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  1. sorry if this is already a thread, but im excited cus today my friends...i get to eat...not just a meal...but a special meal...a meal great for one with munchies...such a meal that....ok its not that good but, I AM frickin stoned out dude, is that bad cus its easer? Amd im having a big ass ssmoked turkey, stuffing...and like some bread shit that i dont know what its called..uhh some like green bean cassarole...uhhh like a cheesecake and like umm some chickin shit i dont remember what it is..but itrs chickin...and its barbeque...and its dark meat..so then it must be good right? Well, sorry if im rambling on, im high as hell right now like the highest ive ever been cus i just got 2 grams of FREE bubblegum...not gonna say from wherre but some people here no already, but omg im so fuckin high... I LOVE YOU GC....
  2. Hell yeah thats the way to do it, I'm off to go eat now.

  3. damnnnn straight!
  4. Haha, I also got my 3rd sack of "bubblegum" today.
  5. Hell yeah man.

    My pops aient smoked in over a month. Yesterday got a half ounce of some killer of my homie.

    Good shit, We been matching and gettin blowed. But been workin our asses off all day yesterday and ill be out there workin soon prolly for all day.

    But its all good. I enjoy it.
  6. Shittt.. easter is sucking for me.. My family is gone to Florida, I'm all alone here, I ran out of money, I ran out of gas, and I don't have any food...Oh and I'm out of weed. Enjoy it Blades, I know I sure won't.


  7. lol what did you dooo, tell him the sample didnt come then it did come but you said it anyway so he sends you another? sorry if that sounds wied im sooo stoned blades..I LOCE YOU GUYS...check my other thread, i just found out my gurl aint pregnant! the test was wrong!@
  8. happy easter
  9. i'm at my grandparent's house with a lot of my family. so, so, so many chocolate bunnies :D my grandmother is the best cook in the universe no question, even when i DON'T have the munchies. i'm having blast, easter reminds me of being a little kid. a litte, stoned kid :smoking: :smoking:

    -peace and nugs, GC
  10. Nah just used different emails. He's a dumbass, I used the same adress 3 times.
  11. hopefully im gettin weed today and im eating lots of chocolate lol
  12. Yeah.....I am not judging you, however I personally would feel shitty doing that shit to this guy, he is cool as hell and sold me a Zone of WW for 225 because he was out of the chemo I ordered, beautiful smoke. Karma is a bitch man, I hope for your sake it aint real :)
  13. easter was awesome for me for some reason i went to my grandmas where i was forced to have an easter egg hunt but guess what there wasnt candy there was money and change got fucken 20 bucks from that haha it was fun as hell
  14. Well fuckin awsome. Turns out my parents left me an easter basket hidden before they left. So I got $20 in that, and got a shit load of good candy. So I put gas in my car, and picked up a dime.. i have a bowlful left for later.. woo hoo! And I just made bacon BBQ cheese burgers.. yumm... I have a 3rd sample of "bubble" coming in, it will be here on 4/20 =)

  15. Hell ya man! He is fucking nice. I wish I still got shit for easter, damn it.
  16. Happy Easter, Blades! You all ROCK and deserve to have a great day!!! :D

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