uhh my plant is sooo small and i had it for atlease 2 and a half months...

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    check it out, i only give it water too...anyone know how long its gonna take before i can harvest it?

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  2. Wow that thing is tiny. There isn't any soil in your container. These plants need a lot of dirt to grow big.

    Good luck
  3. yea thats my first time ever growing a plant..i didnt expect to get this far honestly..so if i add more dirty will it grow bigger?
  4. Yea if u put that in a bigger pot with more soil you have a chance that it'll shootup in size. Just don't expect a huge yield from it
  5. alright uma go put it in the big pot now..and i dont expect to get alot..maybe a blunt blunt or 2 out of it...:smoke:
  6. It looks like you only have 3-4" of soil in that pot. If that is true then get a bigger pot, and fill it to 4-5" from the top with fresh soil mix. Just want the new soil to be a little lower then the current depth.

    Take your current pot and flex it by squeezing it gently into an oval, turn it slightly and do again. Do this several times to help loosen the rootball. Now take your hand and put your palm on the soil of your current plant with the stem between your 3rd and 4th fingers. With your other hand pick up the pot and hold it over the new planter. Turn the plant upside down, if it doesn't fall out onto your hand give it a wack or two on the edge of a table or something to knock it loose. Set the empty pot down and put you hand on the bottom of the rootball and turn the plant back over and set it on top of the new soil.

    Gently, VERY GENTLY fluff the edges of the rootball, this is supposed to help the roots move from their current ball into the new soil easier. If this scares you then just skip it.

    Now just fill in around and a little above rootball, pack gently and water good. Give it as much sun as possible.

  7. lul...

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