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Uhh just curious

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 452289, Dec 2, 2011.

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    So ive made BHO before, and i know 9 grams of really good bud only gave me 1.2 grams. and on here i see people getting grams of oil for 20-35 bucks a gram?! what the FUCK is this some shitty oil or something? how is a dealer suppose to make a profit off of this if one is selling bho?? I mean i guess the most logical thing would be that the dealer also grows and makes the oil out of his trim and or shake and stems and what not and makes a profit since he would have done something less useful with it?

  2. It can be extracted from parts of the plant that may not be as easy to sell, from smaller and poorly trimmed buds, to leaf and stalks. That's the economical way of going about it... you're right in assuming that it's a bit more rare for dealers (and often even clinics) to make their BHO and concentrates from the same quality buds, they provide directly to their customers.

    And then, there are the unscrupulous 'merchants', who sell either diluted, or entirely counterfeit concentrates.
  3. Ah okay I was beginning to think that making oil again would be a complete waste, and I should just find a grower to buy from but never mind to that, more potent oil>cheaper less potent oil all day every day. And I have a question for the next time i make some. Would decarboxylating the bud before i do my run make my yield better in any way? :eek: Thanks!:)
  4. Yeah my grower/supplier makes earwax from a mix of buds and trim he doesn't use and it comes out very nice.

    If you go about making it on your own, I would suggest to get quantity otherwise you will not get a very large yield.

    ratio ex:
    qp buds
    1/2 oz - 1 oz trim

    the trim makes for a better consistency

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