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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Sinister, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. I know this can be done but i dunno if it would be a big pain in the ass, but couldnt they have some shit hooked up through the website to winamp or whatever you use, to have whatever music your playing while chilling here is in your avatar area, thatd be cool heh.

    Eventually itll all be like that, the world just has to catch on and get rid of 56k modems for cable, then all the "fast" website addon shit like this will become normal and mainstrean instead of the aol people and shit like that.

    Holy god im so stoned
  2. Hell, if i had even true 56k i'd stream some audio, but at the usual 28.8 k that I connect at it's not really possible to stream anything useful. It'll be another 20 years or so before we get high speed access here, i can't even get satellite access cause there's a mountain blocking the satellite and wou8ld need a dish on a 50 foot tower off my apartment building roof just to acquire signal,

    That'd be dope tho,,
  3. you know what would be really dope tho, is if someone would write a plugin for winamp and PHPBB, or whatever we're using here that displays the currently playing track somewhere near tha avitar. Whenever the user is logged in the track playing info, the ID3 tag or whatever it's called can be sent at the beginning of each track, and posted.

    I'd write it but i just don't have time to learn to write .dll's for plugins right now,,, maybe someday,,,

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