uh...wierd (DxM)

Discussion in 'General' started by s0ad05, May 15, 2006.

  1. Ive done dxm for a few times now but today i decided to try robogel caps for the first time.

    I took the entire bottle (20 pills) Took them at 3:30pm started to really kick in around 4:30pm

    Suddenly I HAD TO PUKE

    I never puke on this stuff but i had to like 15 minutes ago. Im still tripping real hard but why did i puke like that. Was it because of the 20 capsules. If it is then ill probably wont do robo gels again.
  2. just thought about this....

    I haven't eaten all day and i took those 20 capsules... that might of had something to do with it.

    Im trippping really hard.
  3. are you sure DXM was the only active ingredient? I've done it before and i was nauseous, even though it was the only ingredient. People do get sick from it alot. Maybe u were just trippin so hard you just felt sick. Anyways, have fun with it
  4. positive i have package with me I ALWAYS check for that
  5. It's a negative side effect. Don't worry about it, alot of people puke.
    ..and after you puke it should be a good trip and you should feel better after.
  6. i do feel alot better but i could of done without the toilet session
  7. 20 pills in my honest opinion is a waste on your liver, it puts you in a semi retartded drunk haze where vision can get blurred, its nothing compared to the higher plateus of dex....at least go with 30-40 gel caps ( 450 mg- 600 mg )
  8. well 20 put me over the fucking edge im tripping good. If you want to take like 40 pills thats cool dude ill watch.
  9. yeah i agree, 20 pills is a kinda low dose(300 mg)

    but it is good that you have fun on it
  10. queasy stomachache like feelings are normal with upper doses of dex

    next time take 10-12 but melt them down in a few oz of hot water off the tap in a bottle

    eat some bread (french italian ect work best even rye just not white) then down the bitter red water chasing it with something sweet and carbonated

    have gingerale around for any ache and dwait for it to hit
  11. Last time i did cough i downed 2 bottles of the gels, didnt feel anyhting for a long while, decided fuck it and went to sleep.
    3 in the morning, i wake up, tripping balls, stagger to the bathroom, puke, go back to sleep. wake up in the morning still tripping and went to school like that. Even after most of the effects wore off i still felt real shitty, i was shivering and shaking all day, couldnt walk straight my head was all mixed up. DXM can have some weird effects, if all that happens is you puke, dont worry about it.

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