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  1. Tomorrow I have a fuckin' Saturday class. I wanted to try and learn guitar, but I have a few hang ups about taking the class.

    1) When I walk in the class I'm going to feel like a douche bag because learning guitar at 20 makes me feel so lame- it's so freakin' cliche. Plus, I don't want to look like a douche bag when I have to carry my guitar from my car to the class room. People will think I'm a fuckin' poser! I hate those people that bring guitars to school.

    2) Also, I feel like everyone will be male. I don't know why, but I can't picture many girls my age wanting to play guitar- they all seem more interested in stuff like wearing whorey make-up and showing their cleavage. I'll feel so outnumbed- I know that sounds weird, but it'd be like a guy taking a women' studies class- it'd just be uncomfortable.
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    Dont worry about it, you are doing what you want to do, if others dont like it, fuck them. I skateboard, but Im absolutely terrible at it. I never even went to a skatepark, afraid of being made fun of until one night I was over at a friends house, and we go into a storage room by his bedroom to smoke some cigarettes right after blazing (we can smoke weed in his room, but not cigs) and I look over and see a skateboard in the room. So I say, do you skateboard? He says yes, and says we should go to a skatepark the next day. I felt wierd going there with my lack of skill, but I have had alot of fun going there with him, and sometimes I even go alone when he cant go. Plus we made a tradition of going skating then going back to his house to blaze and watch skateboarding videos:smoke:. Just do what you want to do.
  3. do what you like because the people that mind dont matter and the people that matter dont mind
  4. :hello:never has a truer statement been uttered

  5. Knowledge.

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