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  1. So i ordered a grinder and ashtray off gc. they came in. my dad texts me sayin i got two packages and the fbi came over and searched and now they are cmoing to my moms..s:eek::eek: i think he might just be tryin to scare me but what kind of a fucked up joke is that lol. what do you think does he know i smoke?

  2. you're screwed...better not go home or they will get you for sure...
  3. come on dude
  4. Nah man just chill out, he's probably just fucking with you because he knows you smoke. Also the FBI can't search your house without a search warrant, and they wouldn't try to arrest you for a grinder and an ashtray... you can buy these at smoke shops they arent illegal. good luck bro
  5. hes fukin with you chill.
  6. yeah thanks dude he just sent me another text sayin they think i work with the hip hop hippie lol it was a dude that used to have a head shop here but was illegal or somethin idk.....i never replyed to his hippy text
  7. you're fucked. begin sawing off fingerprints with scalpel for you're immediate escape to south Croatia.:smoking:
  8. Sometimes it really amazes me that people think their parents are utter and complete idiots, like some kind of ignorance cloud hazes over all people over the age of 30 or something.:rolleyes:

    Seriously, it would take a 10-year old about 30 seconds to open a package with a grinder and ashtray inside with a receipt from grasscity.com to realize WTF is going on here...

    Yes, it's obvious, yes he knows, and YES, he knows you smoke WEED and not just "tobacco".

    The good thing here is he's fucking with you with outlandish stories of FBI agents. I wouldn't worry too much, if he REALLY wanted to fuck with you, he wouldn't have said a word and you would be coming home to cops standing at your door.
  9. lol well put lmao at ignorance cloud

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