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Discussion in 'General' started by dietpepsi, May 14, 2009.

  1. so im home from school today and just picked up some dank herb. i finish hitting my bong when i realized i HAVE NO FOOD! i dont have a car or bike to get anywhere and the nearest place to get food is like 1 mile away. what the fuck do i do now? and have any of you been this unprepared before?
  2. If you really got the munchies that bad, you would haven o problem walking a mile away, thats like what 20-30 minutes ?
  3. You will eventually make the walk as the munchies get worse and worse.
  4. Have someone come over and say "oh on your way can you pick me up 3 XXXL PIZZAS :D"
  5. idk what your money situation is but order for delivery
  6. haha holy shit never thot of that. thank you good sir:hello:
  7. LOL That must be some dank bud if you forgot what delivery is :)
  8. what can i get for 9 dollars lol
  9. lick the salt off of your arms. you will thank me later.
  10. Haha. Funny thread.

    9 bucks won't cover any delivery, unfortunately. Not where I live at least.
  11. holy fuckin shit best idea ever. i went back up to my kitchen to see what was up there. i saw we were out of bread but had a a hot dog bun left over from yesterday so i grabbed it and put in on a plate. finally found the peanut butter my mom bought so i grabbed that. then i grabbed some grape jelly. i put both the jelly and peanut butter on the inside of the hot dog bun really thick. i was about to eat it when i remembered we had bannas so i put one in the bun. then i put homey on top. was fucking awsome.

  12. Haha fatboy how slow do you walk ? OJ mang but a mile is like 15 mins unless ur a snail . .

    Thats happened to me quite a few times too :laughing: The worst part is when u realize that ur stomach has been needlessly devouring itself for the last hour :rolleyes:
  13. seee, now THERE ya go. although i know you coulda come up with somethin better than that. it's all about the scavenging.

    the other nite my boyfriend and i were like AHAAAAHHHHHHHHH our tummys are GRUMMMBLING and it was like 1am and we were supa baked but figured we had no food in the house-- well i found all kindsa random shit and made a bomby pasta with canned artichokes and tomaters with meatballs i found frozen in the back of the fridge. DUN DUN DUN. you are NEVER totaaaaaaaally out of food. sure, it never sounds as good as oh say, a trip to quiznos but the possibilities are endless when foraging the cupboards.
  14. o my grammar rape
  15. Why does Seasoned Tokers constantly have to fill up with crap threads like this?
  16. you were so hungry you ate one of your friends?
  17. uhh no
  18. haha i found myself grilling chiken on the grill at three in the mornin :hippie:

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