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Uh Oh!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by adamBC, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. Oh no! My two dogs, (50lbs, and 30 lbs) decided they would split 5 cookies last night! dumbass me left the door open, and the lid on the jar was pretty shaky... so i guess they just sort of had a little snack while i was gone.

    and oh man... me, 150lbs, got plenty stoned of ONE for hours, these two little guys ate anywhere from 1-4 each!

    its the next morning now, and still, they are both pretty freaked. i feel horrible! but i know theyll be ok soon. ive just got em both laying down on the couch with a blanket in a dark room, just like a do with tripping out friends :p

    wish em luck! i hope they managed to have just a little bit of fun.
  2. That'll teach em to get into things... which could mean not to do it again, or do it as much as possible. Depends if they like it.
  3. oh man, they most definately are NOT liking it.

    Well, the older one, Shadow, he seems comfortable, but then, hes been through hotboxes i could barely survive, as far as I or anyone else can tell, he LOVES the smoke. If i new friends comes in he goes nuts and barks and knips etc. If they come in smelling like weed, hes nice and licks their paws.

    but the little one, Sunny (yes, my dog names are very clever :p ) she is not having fun... just laying in the middle of my bed, sorta half asleep half awake, with a little jolt or shudder here and there.

    i hope it goes away soon! been almost 12 hours now! though they slept through most.
  4. Hahaha, sorry Adam, I can't help but laugh. It's unfortunate, but in a way its pretty hilarious. They had to be so messed up. Haha. :D

    But that sucks if they aren't having a good time, and that really sucks that you're out five brownies.
  5. shadow sounds like my big fluffy cat..... the moment he smells smoke he comes a runnin.... he'll jump up on the table tryin to get to where the smoke is... i f i can get him to bite onto the hose and inhale he'll be set :)
  6. well, its 3 pm now. Sunny is fine and running around like usual, shadow on the other hand, who obviously ate more, is still passed out on the couch in my smoking room :p

    hehehe, hes a good boy. i went in to pet him a bit, and he started to feebaly wag his tail, although his eyes were still shut. haha.

  7. hehe, as bad as i felt, it was funny, and i knew they were going to be ok so there was never any panic.

    boy oh where they ripped! auditory hallucinations and everything. they were all jumpy and edgy and hearing things and just being wierd. shadow kept stuffing his face into the cushions and closing his eyes. it seemed like their back legs didnt function properly... he sort of dragged his back half around.

    i felt bad, but it was humorous to see :D

    i got a few pictures of shadow past on the couch coming up :p
  8. ahahahhahaha oh man
  9. Wow hahahahah oh shit hahah Id like to see those pictures
  10. rofl. that sounds so funny yet I feel so bad for the dogs too. post the pics!

  11. I'm using my paws to

    Yea I wanna see those pics too, what kind of dogs are they?
  12. Man I wished my dogs liked to smoke. I've tried smoking both of them out just a little to see if they liked it, and one of 'em definitely doesn't. I think I'm going to try the other one again though, he comes running to me wagging his tail whenever he smells smoke now.
  13. hahahha, well 2 days later, he finally came down and is now normal happy and playing like usual.

    i did some math, he ate the equivilant of 16 cookies to myself. now remember, ONE got me extremely baked for about 6 hours.

    I can only imagine how stoned that dog was, i wonder if any of us have ever come close to that... must of been a wild experience, too bad i couldnt tell him why he was feeling it or when it would end :(

    good boy!!

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