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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by snoz0r, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. I live in northern new jersey, one outdoor plant.. she is about 3 - 3 1/2 weeks into flowering, really bushy, buds everywhere.. it was bagseed when i planted it, no idea what strain however it's looking more indica then sative. I plucked a few buds off (about 4 of the smallest) off when it was in it's 1st week microwaved them and smoked them out of my sherlock. I was quite high, very euphoric, spaced out.. something I enjoyed very much. Anyway, got off topic =P

    My real concern is this, this sudden hurricane isabel is on it's way up the coast, saying it should hit us at about thursday. It's absolutely pouring buckets of rain right now, and i'm afraid it's going to get beaten down. Then with possible extremely high winds i'm afraid i'm going to lose her. I would cover her up, however she's in my backyard in a garden with alot of weeds tall weeds surrounding her but I have a landscape service come to mow my lawn, so I couldn't really touch her all year so that they wouldn't see her. Anyone have any stealthy idea's to protect her so I don't cause attention from air or possible landscapers coming to steal or call the police.

    Thanks ahead of time.

  2. Hey man i live right underneath of you in md and i had a plant of my own until it got stolen last night and was very concern about the hurrican coming but there's no more worrying now sence i have nothing but i think you should put a cage around it if its not in a pot so only the leaves will fall off but most of the bud will stay the leaves dont really matter anyways if its budding if not then just do whatever shade said
  3. yes, unfortunately it's in the ground, i was hoping for better production and a bigger harvest.. i had 13 plants in the beginning of the year but because of the large amounts of rain and the woodland area i live it, they were all destroyed except this one single beautiful female. I think what I plan on doing is leave it where it's at and take the chance. If it gets toppled over I can run right out and grab it and that'll be the early harvest.. but if it stays put like I'm hoping she will, that would be great. Just going to have to check on her quite often to make sure it's not drowning either.

  4. is this site gonna start doing karma aswell then?

    id harvest it.
  5. me too, it has got to be fairly close to being done, it probably only needs another week or so anyway, leave it out as long as you can and when the hurricane gets there chop her.
  6. well.. i'm actually not sure if it's really ready to being done

    i planted her as a seed in the ground in april, she's basicly done everything herself all summer long so it's not like she really got a head start but, i don't have a 30X magnifying glass, so i can't specifically tell that she's ready yet but as far as hair color goes, they are all still pretty much white.

  7. no i dont want!

    its amazing how much some ppl can get wound up over someting thats makebelive.

    i spit in the eye of karma and laugh in the face of lady luck MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
  8. hey im just north of u and i was hearin about the hurricane ... idont hav any plants out this yr now but let us kno wut happens.....
  9. Im on long island and i think im going to rough it out because my sativa girls arent that far into flower and i would loose half my yeild at least. Im going to tie the main stem to the bucket so it dosent bend over at the roots and probably move the one i have out in the open to be surrounded by blackberrys even if its in the shade for a few days at lest it wont get stripped of leaves and buds.
  10. good news, checked the weather, the outlook is good. apparently the hurricane is supposed to miss new jersey, which is good for you as well bokilla. however, there was a small bit of damage done the other night from the very heavy rain, a small lower branch was broken off, nothing very important as far as yield goes. however i was quite disappointed by this plant i must say, i planted outside looking for quite a large yield but judging from bud size and overall amount i'm expecting maybe half an ounce dry weight from her. i couldn't expect much though, after all it was just bagseed that i had.

    really wish i had a camera to show you guys though
  11. good for u but bad for me, the hurricane is comming straight for me. my plants are long lankey stativas whish isnt good. i guess i should have tied them down but its toolate now. i guess ill just rough it.
  12. Dont harvest early NO WAY
    dig her up and stick her in a pot big enough to hold her till the hurricane/cyclone is gone and stick her back in the ground too easy.

    I cant beleive you would harvest early
  13. Early buds are awsome personaly if I had 1 or 2 more plant i would have harvested a whole plant by now because early buds means more thc % after that the THC turns to i forget what it is but it gets you stoned not high. I love getting high, You feel like your just floating around up there :D and everything so clear. good thing i have a bud molc problem because i had to pull 2 colas becaue tehy had mold at the middle so i had to pull the whole branch, cut out the rot and mow im drying a good 1/4 oz in a makeshift box (neds a small 1" fan and carbon filter wich i wil do tomorrow).
  14. Yeah sure early mature buds are great but 3 - 3 1/2 weeks old NO WAY you at least want the buds to form trycombs THC crystals
  15. i'm not entirely sure how long i'm going to wait to harvest her, she made it through the high winds so everything is pretty good but still in the deciding process of what kind of high i want, i think i'm going to let it go about a week or two more and that's it, the pistils tips are now starting to turn brown. i'm still really sad about the yield though, for a plant that's about 4 1/2 ft tall and 2 1/2 wide (looking at top from high porch deck) i expected more. either way, buds are buds and it keeps me from spending the ridiculous $20 gram prices out here (which is rare now, right now the only thing around is seedy mids =\ which are still stupidly expensive).

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