Uh Oh!

Discussion in 'General' started by stonygurl, Nov 13, 2001.

  1. We're in for it now, folks! I looked at the members online, and BOTH critters are on board. Everyone, put on your seatbelts *LOL* (HIGH critters...pompus ass!) Yummm, I just finished off a good bowl and a good shot of some old whiskey my granddad gave me. Almost makes me wanna take up whiskey drinkin again, just like in my college days ;) almost, that is..

  2. Double critters and pompuss ass, Hell i feel privileged to be here the same time as them and you Princess.

    Stoned and pissed meself this evening.

  3. You pissed yourself this evening!!!??? LOL I couldn't pass that one up, Bud Head.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. LOL....Is this evening the first time you pissed by yoself,,,,,

    had to take a bite....


  5. *LMAO* You don't miss anything do you!

    Ndica, I didn't expect to see you doing the same as Stony.

    You two are funny!
  6. to be here! i dont understand my wife is always tell me i am only half here!and they didnt know it was plug in some young blonde at the time, right budhead!
  7. ....so what yer sayin is ya wanna set a recored,eh? Wellll, everybody syncronize yer watches and lets all meet back here, say around 8-ish??? Or are we all too ripped to pull it off?
  8. shit !we all ready beat that with my multi-presonalitys! lol

  9. You've got it Rainmain. Blonds only have more fun if their with the right people.

    Hey critter, Don't see you around much. I hope everything is going well with the family.
  10. You had a pretty wide door open there ......And I finally caught one ,,after a week of nada,,had to take a bite........jfwy

    peace man............

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