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  1. So, yesterday I transplanted some plants from solo cups into bigger pots because they reached the veg stage. I get up to see how they were handling the move, and I've got some cupping in some of the leaves, and some turning a bit yellow. Does this indicate shock from the transplant, overwatering? I used fox farm ocean forest soil and did not use any nutes yet. Heat hasn't been an issue what so ever. Hopefully they snap out of it. Any suggestions?
  2. What where they in before you moved them to FFOF? How old are they? Might be nute burn, FFOF can be hot for youngens
  3. A very basic all organic potting soil.
  4. Might be pH, check what pH it is
  5. I don't have any ph testing equipment. Is there a cheap test kit I could find locally perhaps?
  6.  general hydroponics has the basic 'drops' test kits (uses drops of ph sensitive liquid) for less then 10 bucks in most stores, I get one every couple of years just to have fresh testing liquid, ya, silly but it is low cost...and there are the paper strips from most chemistry kits, (hoppy stores, kids isle...)
  7. Going to head in and grab a ph kit. What is a good level I should be trying to achieve? Also, how would I raise/lower it if need be. Actually I think I saw a bottle or two of ph up, and ph down. Not sure if the brand or where I saw it, but that may be my answer I'm guessing.
  8. FFOF is notorious for being a hot soil. How big were the plants when you transplanted them? Some pics would help massively
  9. They're just at the point where there are two branches with three leaves on each side and two more coming up in the middle if that makes any sense. I'm trying to figure out how to upload a photo or two from my phone.
  10. This is what they looked like right after the transplant.

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    And this is what I woke up to. This doesn't really show the yellowing I'm getting though, but it's there no doubt. image.jpg
  12. Would the best course of action be to transplant them again into some plain organic soil, or would that harm them even more seeing how they were just transplanted yesterday? Or should I just give them a few days to see if they'll adjust to the soil? Suggestions?
  13. Let them settle in and give them time to grow. Don't be fucking with them all the time and they will grow.
  14. I haven't been fucking with them all the time in any way shape or form. I just didn't know what to do in this case. This is my first grow ever so please bear with me. I appreciate any and all advice given. I'll just leave them alone then and hope they'll be alright then...
  15. Keep them warm, easy on the bright light while it recovers from transplant.
    Make their environment like Hawaii on an overcast day.
  16. Thanks so much snoop. I will do that. Much appreciated.
  17. Monitor but dont baby your plants. Let them adjust to the transplant, then see where it goes. Your plant looks a little bit droopy but it should perk up if you watered it in. 
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