Uh oh...

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  1. Lighter's ran out. Oven isn't gas fuelled. No matches.

    Any advice people?
  2. Oh that sucks!!! Search your car for a new lighter lol
  3. Just rammed it against the metal bar on the electric oven haha. Had to wait fucking ages for it to heat up though!
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    or for real, prison match

    take a kleenex

    rip off a piece of cotton ball

    or get some sock lint

    stick the cotton/lint in one corner of the kleenex and roll it up like a joint

    then click the lighter to make a spark and stick the cotton end up into the spark = shitty match
  5. damn dude, thats weak... just today i had a couple extra bucks, and went to the cigar land by my house and took advantage of the 3 for 3 dollars on BICS, and the 2 for 1 $ on the cheapo crack torches...

    stashed them away for just your kind of situation...

    ..and i also have an abundance of various match books, and a couple mini boxes full of matches..

  6. it's awesome how much that doesn't help the guy :laughing:
  7. LMAO..i didnt even realize he had asked for advice. hahahahaa oh well, i got none anyways..:smoke:
  8. Toaster.
  9. Drive and go buy a new one?
  10. :rolleyes:Done that a bunch....
  11. I must have like 30-40 lighters, if I could id give you one lol
  12. When i was young i'd use people cars to light my cigarettes :laughing:

    in that situation just light a piece of paper on fire with the oven or something or a toaster should be pretty easy after that catch something that will stay lit on fire and bam you got a ghetto ass lighter ha

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