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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by hummercash, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. so i looked @ the calander when i woke up today and noticed my mom was supposed to go out to eat with a friend of hers after work. i prepared myself for this evenings events by rolling a nice fat j and tucked it away in my room for later tonight.

    when my mom got home, she told me her dinner was canceled due to ice on the roads. FUCK. so i tried to convince her to go anyway, giving her different suggestions on how to make it work. i told her she could pick her friend up, get her friend a taxi, etc. no go.

    so then another friend of hers calls and i IM her while she's on the phone w/ her (she had her laptop in her room). this is how it went:

    Me: you should go out to dinner w/ her
    Me: and bring me home leftovers
    My Mom: what are you planning?
    My Mom: ha ha

    so she either knows wuts up or was just playing around (which isn't like her). i really want to just tell her i smoke (she used to when she was 20 like me) but my sister thinks she'll get upset.

    so now i can't smoke until thursday (cuz she duzn't work on wed.) :(

    oh, forgot to mention i was grinding my weed up in the kitchen 20 minutes before she came home so it might have had a slight smell... i can't tell cuz my nose is all stuffy.

  2. i wouldnt worry about it
  3. im not worried... ill either get yelled at or she'll be cool with it.

    and on a better note, i just found out my mom is going to pick my sister up from boarding school tmrw cuz she's really sick. so i can smoke before thursday after all! :)

  4. just go out for a walk and toke it up

  5. well, my neighbor is a cop and the other people in my neighborhood are all dicks. plus frozen rain was pouring down and the fact that i would be going for a walk in 20 degree weather would be kinda strange, no? ;p

  6. i ment i wouldnt think she knows it most likely just a joke. even if she dont joke much

    and on another not ur avy is making me wanna watch family guy, now where'd i put those dvds?
  7. Well Mr. Peter Griffin..

    I CAN see where you are coming from but... you acted a little bit selfish trying to get your mom to go out and put herself in danger so you could get high.

    Not likely but what if she said, "Okay, I guess I'll go then." and then got in a car wreck. Would you feel bad?

    Take a drive, take a walk, get a ride, make your room smellproof. etc.

  8. why dont cha just toke up in the bathroom or when people go to bed, or even while theyre awake and arent likely to come into your room. works for me.
  9. man im a bit younger then u and my parents have suspected me smokin in the past and JESUS CHRIST sumtimes i think i should just tell them ..they used to smoke when they were in college and shit.. and every night i wanna smoke b4 bed .. so i tell parents im goin out to help a friend or u know just make up some cheap lame excuse =p
    and either go in ur back yard by a bush or sumtin ..gang way by garage or by ur garage and just smoke wont take more then 5 mins ..and if u do it at night in that weather 20*degrees like it is here i dunt think neone in there right mind would be out to catch u and if they do come out..ull be inside by then and they wont have shit on u ..just a tip like what i do good luck
  10. Ya know, I get the feeling you should offer your mom some smoke. Something tells me she might do it. Then again, I could be worng.

  11. might not be a good idea. she could have just thought that you were planning a party. simple as that.

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