Uh Oh! (Pics) !Please Read!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by farmerjoe, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. okay...i've read alot of things and its so hard because everybody says something different...i'll explain really good

    the bottom leafs are starting to turn yellow
    a couple of the plants are wilting the leafs are are growing downward like a curled finger
    some of the bigger leafs have brownish stuff at the tips it looks like its dried one of the leafs started to rip

    heres what i know from what i read

    it could be a nitrogen problem!
    i could need fertilizer
    i might be watering it too much or too little
    it could be too hot
    it could be my soil

    and on and on and on, there are just way too many things that it COULD be now i'm giong to post some pictures so that maybe somebody will be able to tell me what i need to do...o_O Also! i know the plants need to be transplanted i'm probably going to do that today...however i really didn't want to transplant them until i could sex them.

    okay in this picture you can clearly see the brownish yellowish crap on my leafs
    heres the one thats wilting...

    look at this one that leaf to the left is BENT!
  2. Suffering from question fatigue.
  3. did you use maricle grow or some other soil with pre mixed fertilizer????
    that could be what is causing the yellow leaves.
    The bent leaves looks like heat stress to me.
    explain your whole setup in greater detail and then i can help more
  4. looks like over fertilzation.............. If you ask me.
  5. I am sorry, but those of us who are experienced growers know how to make a plant grow well. But when presented with a pic of a sickly plant, well, honestly, it could be a million causes. None of us can do much more than hazard a few guesses.

    Read my thread on Epsom salts.
  6. could be lack of wind/fan
  7. It could. And a hundred other things.
  8. well from what i see i have to ask 3 questions.
    the pics are inside: do they get enough light and air simultaneously?
    inside: do you smoke ANYTHING even cigs around them ?
    and lastly i think thet're two diff plants right? brown on one and weaping on other?
    the brown is from lack of magnesium in soil i'm guessing try using different water.
    weaping is from weight on leaves i can only guess from cig smoke or dust if your house is dirty...
    sorry if that doesnt help but i have a strong feeling

  9. Agreed.
    farmerjoe, please answer the above question. These plants are too young to have a nute deficiency unless your PH is out of whack. What is your soil PH? Curling down of the leaves like that is from an N toxicity (too much). The yellowing and browning on the bottom of the plant is from over fertilization. Stop feeding them or get them out of your soil with fertilizer and the problem will start.

    P.S. This is not an over water, or heat problem and it has nothing to do with a fan.
  10. when i took the pictures we weren't using any ferts. however i just got some fertilizer for theplants and its actually helped the plants, it has some kind of fish guts in it or something...(not sure) but yes the plants are growing pretty well now! i was really getting worried, i just transplanted them today into bigger pots and tomorrow we are buying yet another floro to hang over the plants which will be more than enough...although i was curious about how old or big the plants get before you can tell gender.
  11. As I have already said, and have been proved right by the whole host of suggestions we have received, there are DOZENS of possible causes of leaves going like this.

    Pay your money and take your choice.

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