Uh oh people...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SuiJuris, Nov 2, 2002.

  1. Okay people, I want one post per person, anyone who doesnt respond is considered to have been caught and dragged off to the camps! a simple "im still here: is sufficient!.

    Awaiting response.
  2. wwwwwwwaaaaaaasssssssuuuuuuuuppppppp im still here paece and good harvest to all my felow growers smoke 1 for me lol lol p.s. high as hell
  3. yo dude !
  4. yep - still here
  5. still here as well..lol....Peace out....Sid
  6. Howdy (What are we doing roll call for? ..Just Curious)
  7. holy shit!!!! here they come!!!

    *dragged off kicking and screaming*

    just kidding:)
  8. This prison cell is pretty neat. haven't seen any bubbas yet. =)
  9. yup i'm here...anybody here listen to Frank Zappa when there stoned....now thats fucking funny...on another note if you need a gut busting laugh watch national lampoons Van Wilder...funniest movie since american pie ll....
  10. Hey WEO..did ya bring your salad fork to the prison...i hear they are serving tossed salad....lol...happy growing !!!
  11. still kickin'
  12. 13 people.... hmm... now theres some luck if I ever seen it.

    good to here MOST of you are still around.. smoke a bowl in celebration of all your years (or days, or minutes...) of your growing experience without any critical robbing of life....as of yet. lol.

    Ave atque Vale.
  13. ummm....

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  14. its a beautiful thing.

  15. (raises hand holding joint) "I'M HERE SOMEWHERE !"
    (Nice pic update, Dirtydingusus, lookin good.)
  16. thanks swan if my web cam was a little better you could see the pistils sprouting out all over the place!!!!

    all im waiting for is the hps to arrive!!!

    and it is buds time!!!!
  17. How tall are those? and how powerfull of a light are you getting? they look good, keep em that way.

    take care.

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