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Uh oh.. moldy pot?!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by undrunk, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. Hey, have you recently checked on your stash? I just did. At first I was amazed at the "crystal" growth... but after a few more thoughts I realized that it was more likely mold.
    Has this ever happened to you? Did you smoke it? Obviously, but did it f*ck you up? I don't wanna get sick, that just sucks. Any thoughts?

    And by the way, you people suck at writing decent subject descriptions.
  2. well you people buy moldy pot!


    if my pot was ever moldy i never noticed
  3. if you rearrange the letters in lynne, it spells lenny
  4. I didn't BUY the stuff WITH mold on it.
    It's just been sitting in a ziplock in a container for 2 or 3 weeks.
  5. pot dosent get moldy in 2 or 3 weeks. i have had it for months and it hasnt gotten moldy. you probably have it in a damp place. just tear the mold off and smoke it buefore the rest gets moldy
  6. F*ck i wish I had a camera.
    It's not like, bread mold.. it's more like, you know when you leave something in water for a few whiles and then take it out and it feels all slimy. I don't know; that happens to my fishtank stuff. Anyway, the mold is kinda like that; all over it.
    but then again, i dont' even know if it's mold.
  7. so do you have other weed or have it available somewhere? I think that would be a factor whether or not id keep the moldy stuff
  8. yeah there's more weed... but it's just a matter of
    I'd rather smoke the $40 then throw it away.
  9. it sounds creepy, smoking grass with fishtank-like-slimmy-unknown-substance on it...$40? hey at least you didnt break your first and favorite glass pipe!
  10. i suggest some sort of experiment.

    hold a flame to some and see how it burns and if it smells normal, things like that. If anything try to scrape the outside off, at least that way you can feel like you did something. the chances are slim anything bad would happen but the bad things that could happen are bad enough that you might not want to (I'm reffering to all sorts of nasty lung infections and the like)
  11. If you think it is mold, don't smoke it if you have lung problems. The heat of the flame will not kill the moldy bacteria, and they will enter your throat. People have died from Aspergillus mold that sometimes grows on weed. I wish i could remember where I read about that, but I can't. Anyway, hope this helps.
  12. sell it and buy some new...
  13. YA i agree with punkworld, sell that shit to some suckers, say the sliminess is a good thing, and that ur bud is worth alot of money, say it is kb, that always works. OR, u could smoke a lil piece of the shit, wait a couple days and see if it does anything, then make a decision. I doubt a tiny little bit is gonna do anything. maybe if u have a(whats it called? the torch lighters most people use on cigars?) that shit would heat it up more than a normal lighter
  14. yeah, good call.
    I'll sell and pick up new. i don't wanna take any risks with my lungs. lol! the irony.
    anyone interested in some moldy weed? j/k.

  15. smoke it faster, you won't grow mold....
  16. I just like to buy large 'cause I end up paying like 30% off.

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