Uh Oh I'm Hooked.

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by detailed one, May 6, 2011.

  1. Ok got a new piece ordered...Always wanted an SG stemline with the 60mm bottem bore but they had the Natty one in stock and said Fuck it.

    Can't wait.
  2. Haha I have 300 dollars in my wallet..getting really hard not to go buy a new piece. lol
  3. thats why i cant go to my LHS anymore with money i have to go broke to check it out otherwise i go in there like i just want a new slide to save money and i buy a piece ,slide , and ash catcher my LHS is like crack lol
  4. Congrats dude, just picked up my first stemline a few weeks ago and it is a whole new world. :eek::hello: I'm hooked too it won't be my last.
  5. I love collecting glass I just bought a spoon then realized how little I will actually use it it looks amazing though :devious:
  6. Yeah always wanted one but when I had the cash it was sold out.

    I own a SGW Waffle and hits like a dream only had it for a couple of months :eek:

  7. Haha i almost bought that natty splash, but i got the king instead, already have a waffle bub so i want a stemline that i can just milk the fuck out of. But the design on the natty is sooo nice. Classy yet rebellious haha, hope we both enjoy our new pieces!
  8. I hear ya. I just ordered a new heady bowl, couldn't resist. Birthday present to myself :D

    Should be here any day, have a fat bowl of GDP saved just to break it in. Can't wait.

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