uh oh i think overwatering?

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  1. growing in soil
    these are clones
    still in grow cubes

    i had my buddy water em for a few days around christmas and i come back they are yellow as shit and droopy. as u can see in pic below. is this over watering?
  2. Looks like a nutrient def. + overwatering to me. They do not look good my friend. How old are they? You might want to put them in some pots quickly.

  3. Yup he prob flushed all your nutes
  4. they are going into pots now then, ill post pics again tomorrow
  5. quick question, some of em havent sent roots out yet, should i keep them out of soil or put them in anyway?
  6. With clones you should leave them in darkness for 48 hours to promote root growth.

    Hope you get your plants to good health
  7. man it looks like u got several problems including overwatering.
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    yeah its weird, some of them are great like fully green and nice full leafs and then like 15 of em just look like shit. they grown same way, watered same way. :( they were in the same tray. so i dont get how some of em got nute probs and water probs but others are like HELL YEAH BRING IT ON. :(
  9. Maybe you should plant the ones that are rooted. It does look like over watered and maybe a nutrient deficiency. Plant the ones that rooted and see if they take.

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