Uh oh I fucked up ?

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    your not being honest, you have feelings for him, you like him alot......your playing too many games after you knew what he was after....there shouldve never been anymore dates. but u did because u like him.  gc is for relationship advice thats why its a relationship thread.  your playing games and believe he notices it, hes gonna hurt u in the end if u keep playing...........by the way how old r u, because i doubt ur 18.u know what dont answer that because if ur 1`7 thats still within range.....so u  gotta do u...

  2. This chick here lol. You one of them chicks friend zone a guy and when the muthafucka move on to another chick and starts treating her like a queen you gonna be 'I was just playin, you can come back now'. Shit don't work that way angel. You have a lot of maturing to do.

    Sent from my Galaxy Note II. I know you bitchez be jealous.
  3. God, 18 year old chicks are so damn annoying. Why on earth do y'all lead people on like this? It's extremely fucking rude.

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