Uh oh I fucked up ?

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    So a little heads up. I met this guy in August while working at a festival. I talked to him maybe 2 times but he was super friendly and we ended up exchanging numbers and Facebooks.

    So he texted me a couple of weeks later to hangout and I was like sure. We hangout 2 times everything was great, I kind of find it weird that he tried to pay for everything all the time (guys don't do this shit at 18 normally) and finally I brush it off and thought he was just a really nice FRIEND you know.

    Then, he invited me to the movie theatre and I thought oh fuck I may be sending the wrong signals. I declined the first time, but a week later he reinvited me and since I was feeling bad for ditching him, I accepted. So yeah he chose the horror movie put his arm around me and well since I had pretty much not that kind of feeling toward him I just stood there like a dumb hoe and didn't move a muscle for like an hour. The movie ended and since my father was coming to get me, I just left without even hugging the guy.(lol)

    (By the way, I know I should have read the signals but I never thought he would love me, I honestly don't think I ever felt in love, so for someone to fall that easy for me ... I mean no way, I'm not even hot ... )

    I thought he would never talk to me again, but then he started to text me again around Christmas to hangout but I couldn't.

    So now, he messaged me on Facebook yesterday and I was like yeah we can catch up if you want and since I have day off Friday I asked him if he wanted to do something Thursday night or Friday.

    He asked me out to go grab a bite Friday and I accepted. Thing is (I remembered today) Friday is the 14th .... so I guess I have a date on Valentine's Day .... with someone I friendzoned ...

    TL;DR : I friendzoned a guy back in August and accepted to go to the restaurant Friday... Valentine's Day ...
    I guess I fucked up, what should I do?

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  2. just put out already.
  3. Thread complete.
  4. Why don't you give him a shot? All this shit you typed up you could either just give him a shot or tell him to fuck off lol
  5. I don't know, shit. I want to be in a relationship but I don't know if I want to be with him and if I just try I'll just end up hurting him.
    I really have a hard time reading my feelings I rarely know how I feel about someone.

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    Is he disgusting or something? No hygiene? Any reason is a good enough reason..but if there's no reason then ur just bein weird
  7. Fuck his brains out for Valentines Day and let him cum deep in your pussy.
  8. First of all, drop the idea that a grown ass man (yea, 18=adult) shouldn't be paying when he takes a woman out on a date. If he doesn't offer, then that should be a sure sign right there that he's not a keeper. A man who wants to do those things should be embraced and the woman should enjoy the gesture.
    Don't ask us what you should do. YOU need to do what you want. Do you want to try to be more than friends? Why are you being shy?
    Or you can ignore everything I said and just suck his dick.
  9. Oh, I just picked up on something. He's 18 took you out on a date and your dad picked you up from the movies? Strange
  10. Just tell him you don't want a relationship, but fuck him. He payed for all that shit just let him hit it once please
  11. Live life, have sex, smoke weed. Your "soulmate" will come. I wasted so much time with women trying to be with them, only to find out I found the one when I wasn't even looking

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  12. GC is the place to come if you have questions about how to treat a sickly plant or how to make cannabutter using the timeliest/most efficient method.

    NOT if you want relationship advice.

    My suggestion is to do whatever the fuck it is you feel like doing.
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    You should make your intentions clear now before you crush his beta little friend zoned heart.

    Poor bro, he has feelings for you and it seems like you are leading him on unintentionally.

    Just message or call him, be like "Hey, I see you as a friend and nothing more. I don't want to lead you on, so hopefully we can remain friends"

    Pretty much it, it's his call from there.

    Omega369 :wave:
  14. How'd it get to this point, did he actually say he loves you?

    Seriously, at that point you should have made your feelings for him apparent. Stop worrying about hurting his feelings if it means your being honest with him, trust me it way better than letting him think you might feel the same.

    Wtf, though, you guys hang out a few times, and this kid already "loves" you... Seriously WTF?
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    Why jump to the love conclusion? I'm sure he just likes you. The world would be a simpler place if people just learned to communicate. Simply tell him. Tell him now or before you go on your date that you don't think of him in a romantic way, you misread his intentions and you think of him as a friend.
  16. Damn why you gotta be leading the dude on?  I love females but you're just asking for drama.  You cray
  17. Instead of worrying about what he thinks or what im scared of etc. just tell him how you feel amd get it all ont he table. Shit happens when people are gurssing each others motivations and such
  18. Is your avatar supposed to be ironic?
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    lol alright lemme preface this by saying im a girl (just because majority ppl on here are guys n it makes a diff on the relationship board)
    for one  you said
    what do mean by pretty much not that kind? like u either into him or u not. what is it, some little thing about him u dont like? is he not ur type looks wise? do u not know him enough to really know? ask yourself.
    2nd idk why you would continue going out with a guy ur not into. when I get a guy obviously wanting to do date-type shit with me that I am in no way into I feel really really weird about the idea of going out with him because I know it will jus be him imaginin fuckin me and me knowing it will never happen and it's just these weird invisible vibes ya know. i never hang out with guys one on one unless I'm into them or they r childhood friends. the only other reason I could think of is maybe u meet a guy u two have really intense fun convo but neither of you are attracted to each other to fuck or have a relationship, so u hangout mutually realizing that.
    so yeah dont be afraid to jus cut it off, be straight up with him. if you guys r chattin n hanging out this much surely u can be open about that so maybe instead of feelin like he fucked up and is some loser with women u can jus let him know u unintentially led him on and weren't into him from the beginning. (( if you werent/?? idk really)
    cant really blame the mf for persisiting if you keep accepting lol or saying "maybe another time". dont feel the obligation to fuck him tho lol u'll get called a slut anyways. if you want to help him maybe set him up with a friend but this is the real world u owe him nothing he went out there n gave it a shot good for him, any smart person knows u take chances n u take losses n hopefully one day u take a good chance
  20. Since when did bodybuilding.com miscers leak into Grasscity?

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