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uh huh... another one of cotton's stories LOL

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, May 11, 2003.


should i go for it? (read below)

  1. yeah... sounds like you might have a shot

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  2. nah... she's probably just being nice 'cause it's her job

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  3. i dunno... maybe?

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  1. ok. so it's my mom, dad, and myself, and we're out at denny's. we have this totally cute hottie waitress who's about my age. first off i notice she's really friendly... 'specially towards me. i don't really think much of it until she walks away and my dad points out that she's beeing all flirty and such (this being after her making a few trips between tables and all... ya know the usual waitress stuff).

    anywayz, after he pointed it out i really started noticing it. she was totally flirting with me the whole time. lol, the storie's not all good though. my parents were teasing the shit outta me and every time she came back my face was red as hell... lol... it feels like i'm back in highschool again.

    anywayz... i'm thinking about going back in a couple days and trying to strike up a convo and see what goes from there... (hey... it could happen, right?)

    so this brings me to the basis of our poll... should i make an attempt? or just leave it be?
  2. yeah man go for it, sounds like you've got a chance.
  3. go, tiger! without your folks there, you'll probably be more comfortable and strike up a pleasant conversation without feeling awkward.Good luck!
  4. go get it !
  5. Hun...........who wouldn't want to be with you??? Of course you should go for it. You are a great guy with a wonderful personality. And if she says just come tell me and I'll go knock some sense into her!!!!!!!

    But seriously........go for it because you will never know unless you try. And those what might have beens are indeed a bitch.
  6. Go for it. You'll never know till you do!!!!!!!!
  7. hell... i'm gonna do it.

    i've had too many "coulda, shoulda, woulda's"... this time i'm gonna (lol, that rhymes). :D

  8. Good for you!!!!!!!!! And yeah, that does rhyme!!!!!!! LOL. For some odd reason, I love to rhyme things when I get good and stoned. Just one of those wierd things that make me the person I am!!!!!!!!
  9. Sending good karma for the love of cottons!

    May she be the one for you!
  10. Hey man, take it from me, absolutely do it. The worst that can happen is shell just not be interested or not single. Big deal.

    Altough waitresses flirt a lot to just get tips, trust me ive known a lot of longtime waitresses in my life, and especially in places where people get drunk, waitresses will flirt to get big tips.

    But anyways yea if you dont do it youll just regret it, thats becoming my new motto :p Go for it
  11. Go tap that ass cottons! You've got a good shot!
  12. in the immortal words of rob shneider...

  13. Good luck Cottons :D

  15. u cant score on the shots u dont take.

  16. in the imortal words of every red blooded hetrosexual man from the UK...

    "you're in there man! go for it!"
  17. do you have any idea where in the anals of grasscity i could find my first real av you made for me..the purple, cracked out msn smiley with bloodshot eyes and dreds?
  18. ahh... my check was small this week, and the bills were great. also, i'm going on an unexpected retreat tomorrow through saturday, and i sprained my mid and lower back... so i haven't been able to get up there... YET... lol, i'll try to get back there when i get home from the retreat :D
  19. DO IT! DO IT!

  20. I want someone to fix my elephant up with laser red eyes and dred locks to.

    Oh and Cottons, YOU were eating at Dennys with you Mom and Dad. Hell yes you need to get out more often and actually talk to women rather than discuss it here at the City.

    Please do it, please!!!!

    What's the worst that can happen? You get turned down by a Denny's waitress! Heck you can just stop by the waffle house and ask one of them waitresses out. :D

    all joking aside, just go back and see if she remembers you. If she does, ask her out.

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