Uh Doesnt Anyone Talk About Pot In Here Anymore

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by bcbudguy, Dec 8, 2002.

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  1. this is supposed to be all about the weed man...youve changed!!!...lol
  2. pandora\'s box is for anything bro
  3. ya but lets get back to basics...who likes B.C bud
  4. what should I order for dinner? im hungry
  5. tacos.... man those things are good
  6. fish and chips...

    RIGHT Lesson in english from an ENGLISH person:

    Fries- American term- used to describe strips of potato ranging from 3 to 4 mm thick

    Chips- THIS DOES NOT MEAN POTATO SLICED VERY VERY THINLY AND FRIED A LOT AND PUT INTO BAGS!!! NO NO NO... THIS is the original form of \"fries\" which is actually about 1- to 15 mm thick and of varying lengths...

  7. chinese food. some general tso\'s chicken with fried rice is agreat cure for the munchies
  8. aw fuck it. I had a chicken parm with a side of xanax
  9. xanax is the best kind of side dish ;)
  10. god damn i need it too. i thought my heart was about to explode and then I would have to clean the blood off the couch
  11. We need to get back on topic here.

    I had turkey and dressing for dinner today. For the 4th time for thanksgiving till today!

    Enough already..........need a cheeseburger!@
  12. I need to go work grave to make the evil green so I can think about buying a simpsons talking watch from the home of the whopper everytime i see the commercial. thanks.
  13. either hot pockets or stir fry
  14. mmm... tacos....

    lmao... chalupas sound good... but i had one lastnight (and a bean burrito too :D)...


  15. that rocks. well Im working another graveyeard tonight so maybe Ill be able to afford it this week. sleep is overrated, tacos are kick ass, stir fry, oh the memories and jimmy buffets christmas cd is the only way to fly for the holidayz.
  16. can i get some cirrculation in ny hands pleasz
  17. Syuffed steak fahitas!
  18. I had leftover pork chops, leafy green salad fresh from the garden, pizza scraps from the kids, Peanut butter christamas cookies (that I made by myself, thank you), and popcorn while I was stringing it up for the Xmas tree. Plus a couple of beers and chocolate milk.

    Today for lunch (which I\'m at now) I had Ramen noodles (yuck) Peanut butter and organic honey (good), chips (american not pommie style) two organic apples and a Dr. Pepper.

    Now if that doesn\'t prove that I am not the King of the Ecletics, then I don\'t know what will.
  19. King of the hill Poppa!

    Critter I\'m taking your advice.......................I\'m getting rid of the evidence...........LOL Keep on smoking!!!!!

  20. Either that or King of the Billy Goats
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