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  1. do any of you see yourself as ugly? i didn't until this past summer, i got bit by a spider above my right eyebrow and it left a scar. everyone always looks at the scar before they look me in the eyes now. since then i personally hate looking at my self in the mirror cause my eyes are always attracted to the scar. any fellow ugly people out there? (my avatar isn't me lmao)

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  2. I have long hair but I'm bald on top with a belly. hell I'm a fat old man I just get away with it because I'm tall.
  3. Fuck that. I'm awesome if anyone doesn't think so then they don't deserve me anyway
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  4. I highly doubt that anybody thinks you are "ugly", or even unattractive, because of a spider bite scar, no matter where it is. In fact, I've read studies that show that a lot of women are actually attracted to, and prefer, men with facial scars.
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  5. you must have the confidence of a mad man!

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  6. i already had a facial scar from when i was 5, i try'd to jump a fence and i cut my face on the twisted tips, i fuckin love that scar haha. but this one is more like a crater then anything. :l it throws off my game with da females.

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  7. Try being a fat, 30 year old woman with ears that stick out. So yes, I consider myself ugly. But I also consider that after thirty years, I could care less what anyone thinks. Got nice hair though, so you know, upside and silver lining and shit...
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  8. let's have some ugly babies. :} haha. but no, this scar might have been a good thing, i used to be so uptight with my facial features and now this is something i just have to deal with. it made me not really care what people think about me. if i didnt jave it i would probably be alot snobbier.

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  9. i have a scar across my nose ever since i was 7 from running into a steel wire (like it was holding a volleyball net or something)
    and i have a scar on my chin from falling off a cliff while bike touring, also nerve damage in my right cheek (so my smile is always slightly crooked)
    i dont think im ugly though, because i have a lot of good features as well
  10. LOL I'd have ugly babies that would grow up resenting me. Poor bastards. 
    I can understand where you're coming from, though. It's like you have your looks and you're OK with them and then something like a new scar happens and it takes a while to rebuild your confidence, especially if it's not something normally defined as an awesome scar. I feel your pain on account of I have glasses... which isn't really the same thing at all but I felt better without them!
  11. i have a small scar above my left eye brow and i have a big one on my stomach. the one on my stomach kinda bothers me but they are what they are man, rock em.

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  12. Fuck yes I do and screw anyone who doesn't believe it.
  13. What women like is my big ol dick. Its got girth and length.

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