Ugly girls.

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  1. I'm all about being politically correct, but...

    in today's world, aka media portrayal 24/7 of the perfect woman, wouldn't it really be a bummer to be an ugly chick?

    I have alot of friends that happen to be ugly girls....but they just

    Come on, we love you :)
  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    Just because the media has a definition of beauty doesn't mean that some girls are ugly if they are not up to those expectations.

  3. True, but a lot of females (and males) develop insecurities because they don't have the 'perfect body' everyone seems to desire. They view themselves as ugly because they can't match what they see on television, especially the younger people, who are still trying to develop a sense of who they are.

    Its bullshit i think :smoke:
  4. I just don't think there is a real definition between what is beauty and what is less than. A prime example is looking at Victorias Secret campaign VS Doves campaign. They both have very different samples of what "perfect" may be. It's your choice in what you want to compare yourself to, the media doesn't force you to look at what they have to offer (which is a very narrow spectrum of beautiful people in my opinion).

    Don't get me wrong when I was younger I had issues with confidence but once I started taking care of myself, and stopped comparing myself to super models all of a sudden confidence and happiness followed.

  5. I agree completely. Beauty is subjective to an individuals taste.

    Where i see the problem is in teens and young adults whose physique differ from what society perceives as normal or attractive. The constant bombardment of what the media and Hollywood deem we should be and strive for, causes unhappiness and psychological issues in some people.

    Its just sad that some have to live through that, although being fat isn't healthy either :p
  6. To be honest , I hate the perfect girls portrayed in media etc
    I like to have some imperfections in my women
  7. I'm sure I'll catch some flack for this, but I'm going to have to disagree.

    Man's idea of phyical attractiveness is the result of sexual selection [a version of natural selection], that's been ingrained into both genders over millions of years of evolution. Our perception of what is attractive in a potential mate is primal, completely unaffected by so-called "standards of beauty" that some claim the media sets. I believe that we actually set the media's standard of beauty.

    Scientists are now finding that they can even reliably "score" the attractiveness of one's face by using a mathematical equation that's become known as the "Golden Ratio of Beauty."
  8. imperfections are sexy
  9. Plenty of guys are insecure to. Read the "why do girls like dbags" thread. LOL there are dozens of em in there.

    But I see your point. Still there is someone for everyone.
  10. Well considering the advantage they lose(getting everything they want with no effort)... they're basically in the same boat as men.

    They're going to have to work for it.

    Which is why feminism was invented, in an attempt to circumvent this rule by making looks irrelevant and simply; women > men.
  11. If you have a good personality and take care of yourself (diet, hygiene, exercise, etc.), then you're a beautiful person. That's how I feel anyways.

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