Ugly girls that think they're hot.

Discussion in 'General' started by semeleboesiger, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. This girl was in the cafeteria at my college today talking about how hot she is and how many
    guys always stare at her and ****.
    ugly girl
    On the right
    So yeah, post up some ugly girls that have disgustingly high self esteems and such.
    me first
    the other ugly girl
  2. well she looks pretty good me, but it sounds like her personality is horribly ugly
  3. Starting a thread to attack people who are confident in themselves. :rolleyes:

    Someone' cool ;)
  4. why is there a snooki dress?
  5. eh, sometimes ugly parents build up their ugly childrens' ego. it's super annoying.

  6. that's not confidence, that's an overinflated ego
  7. just some whores..nothin to make a thread about
  8. Oh god the bots are advancing at rates I never thought possible
  9. I just feel like there should be a rule against this.
  10. People this is a bot
  11. Korn Cakes my good man is that you?
  12. I'd still titty fuck her in the dark.
  13. If I had a nickle... :laughing:
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    And an under-inflated set of tits.:D Just throwin' it out there...

  15. ikr

    bots makin me seem like a early stage development or some shit
  16. Well guys probably do stare at her...cuz guys stare at anything they would be willing to put their dick in. I dont think shes particularly "hot" but i definitely would fuck her. Who cares really?
  17. well she looks cool to me
  18. I understand what your saying man, but who's to say who's ugly and who's not? In my mind thinking some one is beautiful is your own opionin, some people may agree or not. I think every ones beautiful, but when people focus on worthless shit like that. Well that's what makes them ugly.
  19. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Who are you to judge someone on their looks alone. Shallow much?

    And uh, posting other people's pictures without permission is nowhere near cool.
  20. Lol I love how everyone is still talking about the chick AFTER it has been stated this is a bot. Why else would "he" link us to a damn Snooky (Snookie?) dress!?

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