ugliest pets of grasscity

Discussion in 'Pets' started by sticky icky bud, May 13, 2010.

  1. Show of your ugly creatures grasscity! ill go first

    Its name is Indago. but before i got it its name was champion olympion blackberry tart. im not kidding

  2. Dude :eek: Groom your cat! Where's his other arm?
  3. WHERE ARE YOUR MANNERS? its a she lol. its just hidden behind its errr... flabs but yeah. WHERE ARE THE OTHER UGLY CREATURES!!!
  4. no offense but your cat looks really high on crack.
  5. i have a picture perfect model type german shepard.

    hes like a 9.9/10. mostly black

    he wud eat your ugly cat :D
  6. your cat looks sad
  7. I disagree with all of the members that these are ugly animals.Every one has its own choice and we can not say any thing about others pet so avoid this.
  8. haha i like your cat, she's just chillin there
  9. Hahahahahah I love ugly animals
  10. Aww.... the maow looks like she just woke up from a kitty nap.

    Can I squeeze her? Pretty please?
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    I'de be sad if I looked like that too. Damn that cat is ugly!

    I think my guard dog has him beat

  12. Is your cat a Cornish Rex?
  13. Man, that is an ugly dog, probably the worst looking dog on earth.
  14. Those teeth... *shudder*
  15. ^ dude that dog is hella cute. i wanna pet him.
  16. That is one of the most adorable puppies I've ever seen, ever. I want to hug it and cuddle it and take it home with me. :love:

    But yes, OP, that is one ugly ass cat. :p
  17. my cats got nothing but steez


  18. She was even cuter when she was younger:


    But good luck taking her from me :devious:

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