ughhh i want to cry and/or break everything

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  1. i'm so fucking sick and tired of being played by EVERYONE i get involved with. EVERYONE. i realize this is probably my own fault seeing as a pattern has formed, but regardless. i'm so over everything atm. i was dating this girl for not even a month, and her about me (yep i'm seriously getting upset over her social networking profile) has said that she's a lesbian, taken by the most fantastic girl ever, good luck changing that etc etc. it currently says that she's bi but girls are better, and to ask for her number cuz she loves to text. what the fucking fuck? UGHHHH. >.<
  2. i would just relax. If a girl is gonna do that shit then just tell her to either have a 3 some or fuck off and thats that.


    Girls only play you if there is something to be played
  3. Yes. If you want to look at it this way. This is the way "children" express themselves. It's lame.

    This is her way of telling you she's moving on. People do this. Shits normal. Once you realize how childish it is, its very much easier to just move on. You'll eventually realize you dont want to deal with people like this, and that not all of them are like this.

    Women crave attention and its very silly wittnessing how they go by getting it. "I love to text, call me, text me, heres my number!"

    I've seen it many times. Girls do this shit all day.

    It's a way for her to get into your head. She's basically trolling you into seeing if you care enough to respond to her about it. When it comes to break ups (I mean the shitty ones) its best to just ignore them and move on. You always find a way to move on, so hows this gonna be any different?

    I've been through many relationships to the point where it made me realize, nothing lasts forever, and when it ends you'll always heal. I simply dont' care about things like this anymore.
  4. Girls are bitches, just flat out bitches.
    She's just trying to get you jealous and be labeled
    a skank. I would just get over her and move out.
    There's no reason to get upset over immature girls.

    Move on and move up.
  5. girls are just as cunty as guys, arrgh. :mad: spins my frustration wheel.
  6. Well, yeah.

    Maybe you should invent cunty x-ray vision.
    That way you can see the cunt in those girls/guys that you would rather not see in them later.

    Also the just relax advice is good.
  7. You get what you pick.
  8. point taken. =/
  9. sometimes we gotta change ourselves to change our pick, also.
  10. that is true. i feel like whenever the quality of things in my life dwindle, i get into the most toxic and simultaneously unnecessary relationships.
  11. It's not that im picky, i just havent found someone who would be best compatible. Sure there are a few cuties, but thats not everything. I just don't wanna feel like I've wasted my time, again.
  12. i know what you mean. i feel as though every relationship i've ever been in is followed subsequently with the thought that i just flushed x amount of days down the drain.

  13. At least it was a learning experience:)

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