Ugh .. sprained? popped? pulled a muscle? Help

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    Well I was playing basketball today and It was a 5 v 5 with my friends. I ran up to the other team before the game and was like WEEEEEE GONNAAAAAA WINN just playin around, and I jumped when I did it. When I came down, I landed sideways on my foot and my other foot landed on it.. CRUNCH. All I heard was a pop. It really didn't hurt but I knew I fucked myself up. I just wobbled to the sidelines and quit the game. It didn't hurt THAT much but overtime it became worse. I iced it down but it still hurts. I was in my bed and I wrapped it up with this wrap thing. I don't know if that was good or bad. I just got up and came to the computer and my foot KILLED. I could barely walk and it was really pissing me off. The wrap was on pretty tight. I doubt I sprained it because it doesn't feel "tight" around my ankle. The pain is coming from a spot right above the bone in my foot. I'm not sure what to do. Heat? Ice? Wrap?

    Help :)

    P.S - I know, epic fail on how I fucked up my foot. Ehh, shit happens. Nothing I can do now.
  2. See a doctor. They need to make sure you don't have any breaks, tears, etc. I've broken foot bones and thought they were sprains, and the pain just got worse and worse. It's better to get checked out than to let it go, especially if it could heal up wrong.
  3. My guess is a dancers fracture but I would need to get a visual at minimum to confirm.
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    It's definitely NOT a break or a sprain. I've sprained my foot before, I know whats it's like. I really think I tore a muscle and it just hurts. I can walk but it HURTS. Maybe I broke some small bones in my foot, but I doubt it. I would go to the doctor but I hate the doctor. I would like so more feedback aswell. I don't feel like spending 7 hours in the E.R.

    Wish it was friday so I could have a :smoke:

    Oh well, tomorrow is.


    @ Rhythm of Life

    I hope it's not a fracture. The thing is it really didnt hurt when it happened, I just heard the pop and said "Oh.. fuck!." More pissed off rather than scared or hurt.

    The bone doesn't hurt at all if you touch it. It's just a spot between the bone of my foot and my ankle.
  5. Actually, breaks happen all the time in the feet and you may not notice it as a 'break' pain. There are a lot of small bones that can break without that instant, sharp, throbbing pain. Severe sprains feel like you're describing, too. If the muscle tore, you may have a lump of tissue. When I tore halfway through my calf muscle, the pain made me pass out and then vomit. I've heard the same thing from a few friends that had it happen. Either way, get yourself in to see someone today.
  6. Is it swelling up?
  7. No it's not swollen and it doesn't feel like there is any pressure inside.

    When I begin to walk and put pressure on it it hurts like a bitch.
  8. No swelling your good to go.

    This is a dancers fracture BTW:

  9. This is probably bad advice but I'm like you - I hate doctors. I'd baby it over the weekend and see how it goes. It doesn't sound like anything that's going to get significantly worse if you take it real easy. Maybe keep it elevated. Having said that, the right thing to do is go get it x-rayed and diagnosed by a professional.
  10. I tried that technique once, now I have a permanent limp....
  11. No, the pain is around right here:

  12. Which technique, waiting or getting it x-rayed?
  13. Karma.

    If its swollen get an x-ray, if there's no inflammation/redness in the pain area just ice it and keep off it for a few days.
  14. I know right? Fucking Karma.

    I was practicing all week for this game so I could shit on the other team. I was raining 3's at the beginning practice before the game, and crossed up like 6 of my friends.

    Pisses me off. I was so damn hyped up for this game.

    Whatever, next week is another game. Foot better be okay by then.

    Btw, there is no redness and it's not swollen. Is heat or ice better?
  15. I don't think either would make much difference, its all about time and staying off it.
  16. The first 24-48 hours use ice, after that heat is okay.
  17. R.I.C.E. baby!


    I've had a couple ankle injuries from basketball and football. Shit's the worst.. literally had to hop around on my left foot for nearly a week.
  18. Lol well I smoked half a j.. all I had.

    My foot literally feels ALOT better. I can walk slightly normal.

    Still hurts though, not as bad as before.
  19. [​IMG]

    tough break (hopefully not literally) op. I lol'd when I read your story, but that does suck.

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