ugh :( relapse

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  1. I had a WoW relapse i was doing fine went 2 months without it and finally it beat me :(
  2. I'm playing it right now.
    Did you have a serious issue with it?
    Or is this trolling...
    I know some people with serious gaming addictions ie. Don't do anything ever but game
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    Wow is for people who love trees and have game addictions.. Dont do it. ( think of the children)

    also do u wana be this guy?

  4. i dont looks like him :(... i bwahaha!?
  5. Lol I don't have that big of a problem ill probably play it tell winter ends and give it up again for the spring
  6. God, i am so glad i got away from that soul sucking game. This horrid game took two of my high school years away from me. Though I know it was my choice...i just couldn't stop!!!
  7. fuck resto shamans

    all i have to say.
  8. I was totally going to mock you, but then I realized the 4.3 patch is live. Might have to renew, transmogrification interests me. My biggest gripe with WoW was how end game felt so generic, everyone running around looking the same.
  9. Yeah the patch was a big part of me coming back also I want my new daggers
  10. I knew this was a WoW thread...

    Ahhhh... Humanity
  11. Haha reached 85 today woot :D
    Just thought id post that here hahaha.
  12. Anyone wanna roll new toons? :p
  13. If you really want to stop playing all you have to do is find something more important to you.

    Smoking weed constantly + playing wow constantly = going nowhere in life

    Wow is a waste of time and weed makes it seem like more fun than it is.

    At least get obsessed with something that can make you some money. Like music or some type of entertainment. In the end, wow literally is meaningless.

    Absolutely meaningless.

  14. I agree with you, but so is every other game for that matter.

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