Ugh.. My drunken friends.

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    So last night, I was on my way to my car with a couple buddies to go get more beer, and then head back to the party. Well it's about a 1/4 mile walk back to my car. So, I was texting with my phone, and i slid it back into my pocket. Little did I know, my phone was still unlocked. I ended up pocket dialing my mom, and guess what we were talking about... TITTY FUCKING. We were talking about titty fucking. Great, huh? What an awkward morning that will be after my mother listened to her voicemail! Well, I didn't know this just yet, we were talking to about titty fucking, when we see two people roll by. They look a little older than us, I'd say about 25. We were almost at my car, and they were approaching us. When all of the sudden, my buddy strolls up to them and PUNCHES THEM IN THE DICK, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Just kidding. My buddy went up to them, and pretty much screamed "WHERE THE BUD AT?!" Turns out, those two people were undercover cops looking for underage drinking parties at the colleges. They take us to the side, and search us. They found nothing but my car key, stenching of beer (I like to shotgun my beers). We get off, and go back to my car. We decide to go to a different frat, because the other place had two undercovers going towards it. So, we get to the other frat with two backpacks full of Miller High Life, and it's pretty bumpin'. I play a couple games of Beirut, and not to brag but I'm pretty filthy at it. I won $10 and skunked a team so they had to shotgun beers. I'm pretty sure they were still sophomores in high school because they chugged those like bitches.
    So I quit fuckin around at the 'ruit table and hit the upstairs, cuz I gotta take a piss. But there wasn't any open bathrooms. Instead, I see my brother's friend, Rob. He's in a room with 2 other dudes, and they're blowing coke. I'm not really a fan of that, but I see a bong in the corner, and Robbie boy packs it up and we light it up. So I'm pretty high, and I go back down to the main room with the 'ruit tables. I see this gorgeous girl and I walk up to her and introduce myself..
    "Hi, I'm lit!"
    She looks me dead in the eye and we start to hit it off. We go to the dance floor. Instead of making the same mistake and going upstairs, I bring her to my car. Yada, yada, yada (insert Seinfeld smilie here) 'nd I drop her off at her dorm building, getting her number for future references. So I cruise back to the frat we went to, and I see the campus police there, about 3-4 cruisers. My eyes are red as the devil's skin (hahah you all thought I was gonna say dick). But I roll pass there, hoping my buddies are okay. I feel like shit for just leaving them there. Turns out, they both got arrested, a long with a lot of others. I was the person they called, so of course I went to go get them out of the station. I pick them up, I didn't really talk to my buddies about what happened, but what I do know is one of them tried to like charge through the door and get out, and ended up falling down and getting tazed, that dumb motherduck. So yeah, that was my night. I'm gonna ask their court dates and whatnot tonight when we chill in my place and just smoke.. haha. Anyone have any stories of their dumbass friends who are drunk?
  2. whenever i have people over they're always falling through doors and shit haha. well including me. hahaa. what did your mom have to say about that voicemail?
  3. oh wow towards the end i totally forgot about it. the next morning at a family brunch (wonderful) she asked me about it. she was like 'so thats an interesting thing to leave your mother...' and i was like 'yeah :) i thought youd get a kick out of it, we were gonna try and prank call you like a pocket dial but decided to just leave you a funny voicemail!' she fell for it, hook line and sinker.
    but falling through doors? haha like leaning on them and then just falling through them?
  4. gracias.
  5. nah, more like people just telling crazy drunk stories and doin dumb things, and falling over:smoking:
  6. That shits always fun haha nice story bro

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