ugh! is this 4 footer a male? (pics)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by EASYlivin, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. shit. is this a male? i need answers quick!


  2. The top one might be male, I don't see anything in the bottom one a all..

    ..just wait a bit longer to be sure. GL man!
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    idk if i can wait longer. it might pollinate. what is it? I need definate answers.
  4. top one looks male man.
    bottom one u should wait 1 more day.
  5. looks male. you can spare a day or 2. it won't open its sacs.
  6. it looks like a female. just looks like groups of pistils
  7. Sorry no, top one is male bro.

  8. i say both male, but def the top is
  9. I hope it was cuz i cut the fucker down.
  10. should have waited too chop, males wont pop the sacks for 3 weeks or so into flower maybe 2 at the least. but it was really hard to tell either of those pictures should have waited for it too come along more.
  11. I'd bet money its a male.
  12. top plant def male

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