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ugh, grimey friends...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Suiteefnpee, May 25, 2009.

  1. yeah, so i have some friends ive had like all my student career and we're older and they're shit got me punched in the face. we were chillen with some freshman high school kids and my friend constantly steals from kids, so he just walks away with their blunt. Im not gonna stay with these freshman so i get up and walk away. Those kids call their older brothers who call me cause they have my number for bud. the two kids who took the blunt answered my phone and just like cursed them out. Idk how, but they track me down to a dunkin donuts where im a little drunk and burnt and while sitting down, they straight up punch me in the face. ugh... lifes a bitch, advice?
  2. round up a posse of very angry people and return the favor 100 fold
  3. Dont chill with douchebags or freshmen.
  4. lol, true, seriously doubting my future involvement with those friends, all they got me was down on a skimp stolen blunt and a serious punch to the dome. those freshies were losers from the beginning... still feel like shit over the whole thing...
  5. Wow,alot of people on here have douchebag friends,ive noticed
  6. a friend of mine had it figured out, not all stoners are burnouts, but all burnouts smoke, its not the weed that provides their futureless ways, its themselves

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