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ugh... can you dry buds to remove mold

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by rounder975, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. I have some bud that I got that was very wet when I bought it, and stupid me I figured it'd be ok just leaving the bag a tad open here and there but alas, since the buds had so much water I noticed a very faint resemblance of mold on them this morning.

    The amount is very very little (does that make it more ok to smoke?).

    But I was wondering... I came across something that said mold can't grow with a moisture level lower than 15%, and it also said that "even gray mold will die without moisture". Will drying the buds out kill the mold, do I NEED sunlight, can I bake the buds at ~180-190 F for 10 minutes? Does anyone have any firsthand experience with this.

    ....and is it ok to smoke if it's a very very small amount (it's BARELY noticeable to the eye, but it smells not like it should)? Is a super tiny amount of mold enough to get me sick?
  2. k a lot of ppl r gonna tell u "no throw it away". but ive been in the same predicament a few times. What u gotta do is inspect each bud for mold and when u find some cut it off. After youve de-molded all your buds, put them in a piece of paper or paperbag over a heater (well i guess if u live in the southern hemisphere at this point) or on a window sill (basically anywhere sorta hot). Dont put it in the oven cuz that much heat will kill thc. Smoking mold is bad for u but, small amounts r not gonna kill u and most likely wont give u any bad side effects. Id risk it cuz thats just the kind of guy i am, and ive seen ppl smoke some moldy ass buds and not even get sick
  3. hey man id just chop it off and stick it in a lung and toke away : )

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